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How to get dog vomit/poop out of a mattress/sofa?

Came home to a LOVELY surprise in our bedroom - runny dog poop and/or vomit (honestly can't tell which) all over my bed and the sofa in our bedroom. DISGUSTING. I am ready to throw the f'n couch out the window. Any ideas how to clean it? I scrubbed both with warm water to get the chunkies up am sprayed Febreeze animal odor eliminator (how appropriate) all over the place but don't know what else to do, other than, well, just close up the house and move. This is grosser than any baby thing I've ever dealt with. Great way to end a great day. Yes

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Re: How to get dog vomit/poop out of a mattress/sofa?

  • Also - has anyone dry cleaned Crate & Barrel zippered slipcovers? That's what's on my sofa - wonder if it's worth it? I'm nervous about getting them back on.

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  • Oh man, that sucks Amy!!! I'm sorry. I use Oxyclean spray for cat puke incidents.
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  • image AmyRob04:
    Also - has anyone dry cleaned Crate & Barrel zippered slipcovers? That's what's on my sofa - wonder if it's worth it? I'm nervous about getting them back on.

    My friend has a Pottery Barn Comfort Sofa (and I bought one too because hers is so comfy).... she says they wash beautifully and don't shrink, but I haven't tried it yet. I would try it. 

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  • Sweet Jesus, I threw up a little in my mouth. Sorry!!


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  • I had OxiFresh come do our stairs after Toby's bout with the stomach virus. They did a great job, were VERY reasonable price-wise, and got out there within days of my calling.

    Their website is: and the number to call in NJ is: 856-863-0404.

    I believe Liz said her parents have used them for their furniture in the past and they were pleased.

    Good luck.. OMG, that is just VILE.. I'm so sorry!  Ick!

  • I use a 50:50 white vinegar/warm water solution to really saturate the area and then clean again with pure water.  I don't have that brand sofa but I've washed my slip covers before and they didn't shrink and came out beautiful.
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  • Run to Petco and buy Nature's Miracle. Hopefully that will work.
  • ugh I feel your pain.  Our dog pee'd and pooped on our bed last week during a thunderstorm!

    We soaked up as much as possible with paper towels.  We actually are currently borrowing my grandma's carpet cleaner/shampooer.  So we shampoo'd the matress!  It actually worked great!   If you don't have one you can rent them from sears or home depot I think

  • Nature's Miracle!  It has been a godsend since we got our puppy!
  • Oh, but test it first on a part of the fabric that is not visible.  It shouldn't stain, but wouldn't want to damage it further.  It's great because it totally gets the odor out so the dog isn't drawn back to the same spot to pee/poop whatever. 

    Sorry that happened -sounds miserable. :(
  • I would, without a doubt, use a carpet steam cleaner. So sorry you had to come home to that.


  • amy, we have a slip cover couch from crate & barrell and had cat vomit on it.  dh had it dry cleaned and, while it is stained, grr, it did take any stink out.  what a mess. good luck!
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