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Help- my dogs were traumatized

Hey ladies- I know I'm not a regular poster, but I also know this is the best place to ask for help regarding my boys.

I have 2 mini schnauzers (~18# each; ages 5 and 6), that encountered my mom's Akita (~150#) in our backyard. The short version is that the cleaning service let them out while we were gone, against my instructions. Akita tried to play with one of them, and put two punctures on one of them, and the other is fine. The wounds healed nicely, and there are no lasting physical effects.

But... ever since then one or both of my boys have started going to the bathroom inside. They've both been checked out by the vet, no signs of UTI so I assume it's because of the emotional trauma of going out the back door and encountering a huge beast whose head is the size of both my dogs put together. :-/

They'll go outside, but then come back inside to do their business. 

They were crate trained originally, but it hasn't been necessary for the past 4 years. 

Should I go back to CT101? I feel like that would help with the physical act but not do much for how they're feeling. I guess I just don't want to pretend like nothing happened and make them feel worse, but I don't know idogs would have that kind of reaction, you know?

Any suggestions or ideas on how I can help them?



Re: Help- my dogs were traumatized

  • Yup, I think back to crate and potty training 101 is the way to go.If they don't pee outside, the come inside and go in their crates.  Take them out again 10-15 minutes later. Repeat.

    The stability of routine will help with fear issues as well.

  • I'd go back to CT101 and Potty Training 101.  Go outside with them and wait until they go to the bathroom, then lots of praise and treats.  Throw a potty party!  Make going outside fun again.
    A big old middle finger to you, stupid Nest.
  • I'd go back to crate training, but if that isn't working, I'd ask the vet about using some anti anxiety meds to help as you work on training. It wouldn't be long term, but something to help them focus while you work on the behaviors.
  • dusk42dusk42 member
    Ancient Membership Combo Breaker

    Ditto PittieBoo.  Our dog is OCD, and before she got on medication, she would do the same thing - go outside and bark at the tree or the dirt, and then come inside and pee/poop.  Start with crate training, but don't be afraid to get some extra help.
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