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I've convinced myself that I have a blood clot in my leg.

I ran last night and ever since this morning my upper thigh (like my quad) hurts pretty bad.  When I'm sitting down it hurts more.  I tried to run again today, but every time I step down I felt like my leg was going to give out, so I gave up after just 1/4 mile. 

The pain is centralized to one location and for some reason I've convinced myself that I have a blood clot.

FI thinks I'm nuts (understandably I suppose) and that I just hurt my quad somehow.


Boo - I hate when I work myself up like this.

Re: I've convinced myself that I have a blood clot in my leg.

  • Did you recently watch House? Thats what happened to his leg. Your not crazy, its unlikely but go with your gut
  • This is one of my irrational fears. 

    Getting blood clots and hitting a deer with my car.  I am embarrassed to admit how much time I spend each week thinking about these things...

    Are you on the pill?  If so, I'd get checked out.  

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  • I did this once. I went to the ER and they told me I had a pulled muscle.

    Which I would have believed if I exercised.

    I was convinced they were wrong for a good week until I realized I was still alive and probably wasn't dying.

  • Can you identify a warm spot - if so definitely go get it checked out right away. 
  • Ice it and rest a few days (no running!) and see how you feel.  A blood clot is highly unlikely - the logical answer is probably the right one.... you probably just pulled something.  Have you upped your mileage a lot lately?  Do you stretch?  Drink enough water?  Tick off the easy / normal answers and you'll probably feel better :D)
  • When one of my cheerleaders got a blood clot in her leg,  we could pretty much see it.  It was very swollen in the area and there was a lump, as if she got hit there.
  • I felt the same way you did a few months ago. My calf was warm, swollen and hurt for NO reason. I wasn't even working out at the time. I went to urgent care and they sent me to the ER. I went to the ER, they did an ultrasound and found nothing. I was fine within a few days. I had no clue what it was. It was freaky though, so I understand how you feel.

    I swore up and down it was a clot, but I guess it wasn't.


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  • I convince myself I have blood clots at least once a month. I have a serious fear of them, so much so that I won't go on BCP and I actually need them for PCOS. Yeah, I'd rather lose my hair and have acne than fear blood clots more than I already do.

     If it's warm, red and/or swollen go get it checked out but it's most likely nothing.

  • if you are worried about it get it check. I know emily227 had a clot a couple years ago
  • If it's extremely painful and warm in one spot, I'd get it checked out.  People do get blood clots all the time that clear on their own.  Blood clots are not rare, but having one break off and cause a PE is really rare.  If it makes you nervous, check it out.  Blood clots are usually pretty darn painful, so if the pain isn't going away, you might want to get it looked at.

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  • About 4 years ago, I threw 3 DVT in my lower right leg-2 of the three veins in my calf were completely clotted and the one behind my knee was almost. The only symptoms I showed was a sharp pain behind my knee for all of about 5 minutes. I was training for my first marathon ( i walk them) and thought it was that. I didn't have any unusual swelling. That weekend, I had two superficial clots on that leg so I went to the urgent care who sent me to the ER. An ultrasound showed the DVTs. Went on thinners for 7 months then sent on my merry way (after promising never to take estrogen based BC anymore). I was found out to be a carrier of Factor V Leiden (hetrozygous) but as long as i didn't get pregnant or throw another clot, I didn't have to worry about thinners.

    Fast forward to this February... I got pneumonia and was couch ridden for about a week. On a Saturday, I stood up to walk to the kitchen and out of a scale of 1-10, I had about an 8.5, slap yo momma kind of pain in my thigh. It hurt when I stood up and throbbed a bit the other times. I knew it was bad because it was the same feeling I felt in december after the laser vein ablation on a varicose vein-the doc said "That's good. That's your vein collapsing" (which is good for that procedure but not for anything else). I also had a weird 12 inch by 3 inch raised welt on my thigh. So I went to my normal doc on Monday for the pneumonia and welt and she sent me to get an ultrasound the next day.

    Well, I actually impressed the radiologist.... which is hard to do. My common femoral vein is completely clotted from my hip down through my knee. Go me... go big or go home I say... As I was sitting in the ER waiting to be brought back, the pain was horrendous so much so that I would have come to the ER anyway if I wasn't already there. Anyways, I have to be on thinners the rest of my life. Fun times...

    The moral of this long story is I'd go get it checked out. They are not as rare as some think and they can be life threatening. If you have one and it's not taken care of, then you could have a heart attack, a stroke, a collapsed lung or die. If any of you are on estrogen based birth control, ask to be tested for Factor V Leiden (prononunced lie-den). You may not have it but if you are a carrier for it (think one Big B and one little b from your punnet square days) then you have a higher risk of clotting and if you have it (think both little b's), then you really need to be careful and your doc should know about it.


    (sorry so long...)

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  • I think you would see it and it would be very hot to the touch.  If not, then you probably just pulled something.
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