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Portugal says women don't play soccer

I am currently stationed in Portugal. Back home I played on several different soccer teams; indoor & outdoor. I was so excited when I found out we were coming to Europe. Soccer is their sport! This should be great! I'll get to play a lot of soccer...... Wrong! As soon as I got here I tried to find a women's soccer team to play on. I have been told over and over again that its not for women to play. If I want to play I can only play futsal (soccer on a basketball court that has small goals).

 I'm just very surprised! Growing up in the United States I've always been under the impression that Europe was more advanced in areas like this.

Am I just being naive? I would love to hear someone else's thoughts...

Re: Portugal says women don't play soccer

  • BTW they do have a National Women's Team which is part of why I was surprised......
  • Sadly I am not too surprised. There are a lot of nations that focus mostly on the men's national team. If you look at the FIFA rankings there are over 200 men's teams and only a little over 100 women's team with official rankings.

    The US is actually very dominant in women's soccer and has a lot of opportunities for women to play. I am not too surprised that there are less options overseas.

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  • I'm not surprised, either. It's sad, but not surprising. My dad travels to Europe for work a few times a year, and he tells me about how the men's sports dominate, but the women's side of sports get little respect.
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  • I actually am surprised. I see that you're in the Azores; I wonder if things are different on the mainland. From what I've been told, the islands are much more traditional and "old school" than mainland Portugal is.

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  • I am not surprised at all.  Actually, when I was little, my (greek) dad refused to let me play soccer because it was not for women.  I'm still bitter, lol.  
  • It's not surprising at all.

    This is why US Women's Soccer is so dominant in the international arena.

    Title IX has done amazing things for women's sports in this country and there are very few similar programs in other countries.

  • It really is true that it is a direct cause of USA Women's Soccer domination. I would have expected it from third world but not europe. It may be better in mainland because I know they have more sports. Its still sad to me.

     It makes me proud to be an American and also makes me feeled blessed to have the opportunities that I've had.

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