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Something is eating our knock-out roses

Yesterday my DH and I noticed a bunch of little holes on the leaves of our knock-out roses.  Would anybody know what is eating them or how to get rid of them?  I haven't seen any bugs, just holes.  Thanks!

Re: Something is eating our knock-out roses

  • We noticed the same thing on our knock-out roses. I read in a book to spray them weekly with warm water with a little dish detergent in it. I've done this for the past few weeks and I've not had any other issues. GL!
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  • It's most likely Japanese Beetles.  The best way to deal with them is to catch them in the act & hand pick them off.  Or use milky spore on your lawn to kill the grubs (baby japanese beetles) over time.

    Usually, I just tolerate the damage until they go away.  They never decimate my or my neighbor's knockout roses to cause actual damage to the health of the plant.

  • I had Aphids eat through almost ALL the leaves of my rose last year. In almost two weeks it went from a few brownish spots to just the skeleton of the leaves behind. My dad (go to gardener advice guy) told me to spray with insecticidal soap?

     I just got something that was for Rose pests a Lowe's and sprayed the rose down. It took a few applications spread out over weeks to get them all gone, and my rose didn't really recover that yeah because the damage was so bad I had to cut a lot off.

    This year I sprayed at the first sign of the leaves spotting. Fingers crossed it works!

  • Bayer makes a 3-n-1 product that will take care of them.  One capful in a bucket of water, water it into the roots every 4-6 weeks, up to 3/4 times a year.

    It fertilizes as well as has disease and bug control.  It's about $20 at a hardware store or garden center. 

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    Not Japanese Beetles. They won't show up for another month, and when they do, they'll be highly visible during daylight hours. They also have a strong preference for rose petals over rose foliage.

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