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Brazilian Wax?

I would love to get a Brazilian Wax but I hear it hurts like crazy. Does it hurt? which position you have to be while they wax you? I can't seem to get the picture in my head.


Re: Brazilian Wax?

  • Yes it does hurt, but not enough to make me stop.  I normally go every 4 weeks.  Take an advil about an hour before hand.  For me, the first time hurt the most, but I didn't go to the most experienced waxer.  After that it was no problem.  I guess it depends on who is waxing you as to what position you'll be in.  I start on my back, with my knees bent and spread.  Then turn over and hold the cheeks open.  That's it. 

  • The first time is the worst but it really isn't that bad. I didn't scream or anything just kind of uncomfortable pain that is over quickly, but then you do it however many times to get the job done!  I thought the worst part was the anticipation of each pull of the strip!  But definitely take pain meds before.  Also, go to someone experienced!  My first one was a girl who started only a few months before and I mean it wasn't too bad but it took her like 25 mins to finish.  Then the next time was the owner of the place who has been doing it for years and years, it took her five minutes!  It was great!

     My position is on my back and I bend one leg up one at a time depending on the side she is doing.  Then I lay on my side with one cheek spread at a time (if I want them to do that part).  Also, I do help with the tightness of the skin.  So, they may ask me to pull on my stomach or leg to make the skin tighter which helps decrease the pain.

  • It hurts but it's worth every bit of pain.  i lie on my back with my knees bent out to the side and then when she goes towards the back, i put them up almost like in stirrups.
  • Butting in from the San Antonio Board.....I had laser hair removal and LOOOOVED it.  It is a bit more pricey, but in the long run, I feel its better, because you don't have to go every 4-6 weeks for the rest of your life.  The hair grows back so much lighter and less coarse and the results last for a couple of months.  I have had 6 sessions over the last 2 and 1/2 years and absolutely love the results!  I just had the bikini line and though, but have yet to venture to the full Brazilian laser hair removal. I did have a friend do that one...yeeeeooowww.   Something to think about.....
  • I haven't read the response posts so if I repeat anything I apologize.

    I get Brazilians using sugar wax. It is sooo much less messy than hot wax but when using it correctly it is actually applied against hair growth and removed with hair growth (the opposite of hot wax) It hurts, I won't lie but the pain is relieved extremely quickly. The 1st time I had it done I did want to cry but as soon as I looked at it I knew it was worth it and the pain immediately began to subside.

    I've found position differs with waxers.  W/ my waxer I lay on my back for the front and flip on my stomach for the back.  My friend however goes somewhere else and her waxer has her get in a doggie style position.  That would be too weird for me.

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  • I had this done for my wedding and YES it hurt. But the lady that did it said the first time is usually the worst. The results are so worth it though. It's 100% better than shaving. I have been wanting to go back. It was so funny on our honeymoon we met a couple and the girl and I was talking about our first brazillian waxing experience and somehow it came out that some girls don't shave or wax down there and my H was shocked. He thought every single person did. it. The lady that did my wax job said she has a lady that comes in frequently and every time she does her husband gives her $100.
  • oh god. most painful thing I've ever done to myself on purpose....I'd rather just use Nair or shave and then follow up with some bikini "anti bumps" cream.
  • yes, it hurts

    start on your back, end on your stomach.

    i didn't like looking like a child after it was done so i'll probably stick with regular bikini waxes going forward

  • i just got this done and the first time i went i only did the bikini area to get a feel for what waxing felt like down there.  It hurt but i liked the results alot, enough to go back in 3 weeks for the brazilian.  It totally hurts but it hurts for a couple of seconds right after they pull.  The first time is the worst any every time after that it is not so bad.   I keep going back because the results are great.  No shaving, no razor bumps, smooth skin and no stubble....try it out.....i hear child birth is a much worst pain and people do that every
  • it hurts like hell but it only hurts that bad for a few seconds. I've only gotten the first one and they say it hurts less the next few times. I'm going again this weekend.

    and make sure you get it done 1-2 weeks before the wedding. I got mine done 3 days before and it was a total disaster.

  • haha why it was a disaster??
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