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Target brand motrin is OKAY!!!

Just bought some, it specifically says on the box that it is not associated with, manufactured by, or distributed by "Children's Motrin"

Re: Target brand motrin is OKAY!!!

  • I also have a children's Advil, which is the same as Motrin (ibuprofen) but is manufactured by a different company (Wyeth). Another option :)
  • I have the CVS brand Ibuprofen. I didn't know about this recall and I just gave it to DS before bed since he has molars coming in and he's had his hands in his mouth all day.....ugh, now I gotta google to make sure the CVS one is OK.
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  • On the box of the  CVS brand of Ibuprofen it says that it is not manufactured by McNeil/Children's Motrin.  That is what i ended up getting today.

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