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Bun moms come in please!

I've had my bunnies for two years. They wre both fixed before we adopted them, and bonded relatively easily when we brought them home.

And now all of a sudden it seems like Hef (our dominant male) has been humping Holly (our shy and very timid female) all the time! I noticed him doing it to her in the past, but I would catch it like once every few weeks/months. It seems like it's happening every 10 minutes now (for the past 3 days). And he humps her face most often.

She makes a whimpering kind of noise when he does it. It's not really a grunt, and she doesn't stomp, but she now makes the whimpering sound whenver he comes near her, even if it's just to groom her (and not hump her face). She makes the sound and then moves away from him a few seconds later.

I can't tell if she is enjoying it (I know I wouldn't lol), tolerating it, if she's hurt or scared... I just want her (and him) to be okay. Everything I've read says humping is a dominance thing, but they've been together for so long now, and it seems like their positions have been made obvious by now.

Is it something I need to call the vet about? Anybody have any suggestions/advice or want to ease my fears? TIA!

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