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Good Morning Ladies

Good morning ladies and Happy Friday! Is everyone suppose to be getting rain this weekend? This week has been such a teaser b/c one day will be beautiful and the next is a rainy =( Christian ended up being gone longer than Monday this week. He just got home a midnight last night, so I was very happy to see him; now we get to drive 8-9 hours

What are you ladies getting into this weekend? We are headed to Birmingham, AL for his first race of the season. Kinda nervous b/c he just bought this bike and has not done any track days or anything, so hoping everything works out. We wont get home til like 3AM on Sunday and then going to work Monday morning, yeah! ;) If you have any vibes to spare, could send some good weather vibes? It's obviously a lot harder to race in the rain and I need to get a tan =) Have a great weekend ladies!

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Re: Good Morning Ladies

  • TGIF!!  It's supposed to be a gorgeous weekend here, in the 80s!  But we are headed up to North Conway, NH for our anniversary- and it's only supposed to be 70 there. 

     Have fun Lisa- good weather vibes and safe vibes for Christian on his new bike!

  • Yay for Friday! I'm off work today, so I'm hoping to get caught up on cleaning, laundry, and errands.

    Lisa- Have a safe trip to AL an back, and lots of :::vibes::: Chrisitian does well on his new bike.

    Mel- Have a great anniversary trip!!

  • Good morning!  This weekend I'm attemping my 1st half marathon!  It should be interesting, since I haven't ran for a while due to a knee injury.  I have a volleyball game tonight and as long I as make it through that I should be fine.  Now I just have to hope these massive thunder storms hold off until Sunday afternoon!

    Lisa- Be careful while traveling.  I hope Christian does well.

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  • Good morning and happy friday! Today is my last day at my job. I've been there for 6 years so it's going to be strange. I'm really excited to turn the page and a new chapter in my life though. Not much time this weekend for anything fun. I'm working tonight, tomorrow night and Sunday night at my part-time job. I start my new full time one bright and early Monday morning. I have to be there at 7:30 and I am not a morning person! We are squeezing in a little fun with a nestie gtg tomorrow. GL to Christian and Bridget!
  • Good morning! Considering on Tuesday & Wednesday of this week I woke up thinking it was Friday, I am seriously thrilled to see Friday finally here.

    No real plans for the weekend... yeah, I can't think of anything. There are some things we need to get done like: we need to take apart Ted's desk at his parents house (still) and bring that home so we can finally set up our office. I'm finally tired of it looking like we just moved it. We don't have things in boxes anymore, but the house just looks cluttered and disorganized. It's beginning to make me nutso.

    **good weather vibes** for you guys, Lisa!

  • Happy Friday!

    It is supposed to be gorgeous and warm all weekend...can't wait!  It's been crappy and wicked windy all week.  

    Tonight I have my usual dinner with mom and aunt and then I'm going to tupperware bingo after.  Tomorrow I'm hoping to start putting shiznit back in the kitchen...we don't have counters yet, but the cabinets are secure and I'm tired of tripping over boxes and such.  Sunday...probably the same.  I took leave from the shelter until the kitchen is done.

     All those ladies going away this weekend, have safe trips!

  • Happy Friday!!! So glad it's finally here!

    It's supposed to be halfway decent this weekend so that means yard work. Nothing exciting at!

    good weather **vibes** for you Lisa!

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  • Good morning!

    I just have to get through today and then we can enjoy the weekend.  I convinced Eric to do a couples massage with me.  So we're heading down to SD to get away and relax.  The plan is to go to the spa, walk around, have a nice dinner and not clean up (the room).  I just hope Eric's able to enjoy it if he's still got vertigo.  Oh and I know it's not the weekend but on Tuesday I get to see an old friend's show.  Every time I've tried to see him, somethings come up with family.  I'm also a little nervous because I haven't seen some of these people in a very long time.

    Lisa- :::vibes::: that the race goes well.  Have tons of fun.

    Mel- happy early anniversary.  Have fun too.

    Bridget- GL on the race. 

    Jenni- Enjoy your last day at work.  It's always exciting starting a new job. 

  • no rain here!  sunny with a little wind that is making it cold. 

    we are heading to dana point to go camping on the beach with our vacation couple.  it is for one of their birthdays! 

    mmm, hobo pies!

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  • Have fun this weekend Lisa!  Good luck to Christian on his new bike and at the race.  I hope you can get some sleep on the drive back home!!!!
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