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Clarisonic users--did your skin get worse before getting better?

I just got my Clarisonic over the weekend and started using it on Sunday.  I have heard raves about it, so I was really excited to start using it, since my skin has been terrible since being PG with my DS.  But so far, my skin seems to be looking worse than usual.  I'm hoping this is just one of those "it gets worse before it gets better" things, but I haven't seen any reviews that mention that kind of thing.  Has anyone had this issue?  If you have, when did you hit the "getting better"? 

Re: Clarisonic users--did your skin get worse before getting better?

  • I don't use it, but I vaguely remember someone writing about it the other day.  She said it did get worse before it got better.  I can't remember who it was
  • I had to play around with the brush heads and cleansers before I got great great results, but I think because it is getting rid of all the dead skin cells and really cleaning your pores it will get a little worse before it gets better. I love mine and it has been great! Best thing for my skin in A LONG TIME!

    also, play around with the settings for the timer etc...


  • It did not for me, but from what I hear this is common. I read that it is bringing all the gunk out and your skin purging, you should give it a month. How often are you using it and did you switch to their cleanser as well? I used it every other day at first and gradually moved to once a day, before bed. 
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  • Yep, mine did. I was finally starting to notice a difference when I got pg and my skin just went to hell again.
  • yes! i posted the other day about this.

    it took a good 2-3 weeks before i started noticing anything better about my skin. in fact, i was pi$$ed at first because my skin looked awful that first week. i broke out, it seemed to bring everything that was hiding right to the surface.

    but now- i havent even been wearing foundation anymore! my skin feels soft, its glowing, and those marks from the initial breakout are going away more quickly than blemishes have ever gone away on me before.

    keep at it!

    oh- and a word of advice because i learned this the hard way: one minute is good enough. i know it feels nice, like a massage on your face, and as much as you are tempted to use it for 2+ minutes, don't. it will dry out your skin and make rough, raw patches- especially on your cheek bones.

  • thanks for all the responses!  I have been using it twice a day, and have just been using it with Cetaphil--does anyone have a rec for a cleanser to use along with it (my skin is kind of combo/sensitive)?   It sounds like I might just need to hang in there, hopefully it will pay off!
  • i use mine with cetaphil. i always use cetaphil, i didnt want to change cleansers. i havent even used the clairsonic cleanser that came with it- i just stuck to my cetaphil!
  • I only use it 1 x per day I think 2 times is too harsh
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