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Anyone still in school?

Hello! Since I'm new, I just thought I'd try to get to know people a little better. Which of you ladies are married and still in school? Undergrad or grad...either one? If so, how far are you and what is your major? Where do you go to school?

After this semester I will have 15 hours left of my undergrad. My major is management/general business. I go to UCO. I'm working full time right now since DH just moved here from Chicago and didn't have a job with benefits lined out before we got married (long story). But so I'm only taking 6 hours this semester. I'm SO ready to be done though!


Re: Anyone still in school?

  • I am not in school right now, but when DH and I got married I had a year and a half left of undergrad (interior architecture was my major).  After I graduated with my undergrad I went right into grad school and graduated in December with a master in human relations.  Both of my degrees are from OU.

    Going to school and being a wife was hard since I too was working, but I wouldn't have changed it.  Anyway, welcome to Oklahoma.  We visited Chicago a few years ago and had a blast!

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  • I love Chicago! I've lived in Oklahoma my whole life, but DH is from up north. I plan on going straight to grad school when I finish undergrad.
  • I'm taking one grad class only at OU, but my undergrad is from OSU.  I'm still undecided about pursuing a full masters degree program.
  • I'm in grad school for school psych at UCO.  This is my second semester as a full time student and I have a long ways to go.  My grad degree isn't related to my undergrad degree so I had to take 20 hrs of pre-reqs. I'm finally taking my grad classes now. 

    Thankfully I have only needed to work seasonal jobs to get extra $ for holidays and vacations.  I have so much respect for people who are able to work full time and go to school.  I don't know how you do it.

  • Contemplating going back to get my Masters but dont know if it will pay out.  Teachers dont get much of a pay increase even with an added Masters step.  Anyways keep your eye on the finish line and hopefully it will go by quickly for you.  You will like it here, welcome.
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  • DH and I are both still in school, I have 3 semesters left to finish undergrad, he has 4 semesters.  He works part-time and is taking 16 hours.  I work 3 jobs that makes me work full-time and I am taking 15 hours.  Life is very busy for us, and we are both going to apply to grad school, which we are going to get PhD's in psychology which takes average of 5 years to complete.  So we have a lot of school left!  But we have each other to get through the stress and every sec. we get together we spend it wisely to enjoy each other. Hang in there!  Just keep imaging that finish line, you can see it now! Not to much longer!
  •  Still in school undergrad. I have 32 hours to go to complete my Accounting degree at UCO. My husband graduated a couple of years back at UCO with a Marketing degree.
  • I'm in grad school at OU working on my MHR... After this semester, I'll only have one more left. I'm sooo glad I went straight from my undergrad to grad, because I'm just now starting to get totally sick of school and having to go to class. I think if I hadn't started right away, I might not have made it back for quite awhile!

    Random, but there was a girl in my class last night who was talking about how she just got married this summer... I'm hoping if she's not already, she'll be a nestie soon. I'll have to investigate :)

  • DH and I are still in undergrad school. We both have 2.5 - 3 years left. I'm majoring in Mathematics Education and he's planning on majoring in English. He wants to teach english and be a Youth Pastor. I'm planning on being a middle school math teacher. School is going by soooo slow! DH is working full-time and I work about 34 hours/wk so we are only going to school part-time at OCCC, probably UCO next semester. It sucks, but we're making it work. Can't wait til school is over!

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  • I'm in grad school for speech-language pathology at UCO.  I just started this summer, and it's a 2 year program.  I work at the school as a GA and for about 10 hours for a family I've known since I was young running errands and stuff.  DH is still in school too, he'll graduate undergrad in December.  it's hard sometimes being married and being in school and working.  I feel like there isn't enough time in the day! 
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