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I'll officially be a OK nestie next month!

DH is being restationed to Ft Sill at the end of September.  He's been in South Korea for the last 11 months, which he went to right after basic training and AIT.  So, we haven't lived together in almost 18 months now!  I'm really excited to be moving.  I've lived in Georgia almost my entire life, and never lived more than half an hour away from my family (neither has DH).  We've been married just over 5 years and we have two boys.  Micah just turned 3 in June, and Eli will be 2 in November.  I've heard such great things about Oklahoma, and more than one person has told me how great the people are.  DH and I are both looking forward to experiencing a new place.  I'm not going to have a chance to come out there until the actual move next month, so what's the cost of living like out there?  Anybody near the Lawton area? 

Re: I'll officially be a OK nestie next month!

  • Hello! I grew up in and moved back to the Lawton/Ft.Sill area (Army brat - also lived in Korea before as well!).

    The cost of living is pretty good - we have a lot of retirees who decide to stay in the area because of the resources/cost of living. Check out homes.com or realtor.com for the Lawton area and I think you'll see there are quite a few options.

    Welcome! It's exciting to have another nestie live close by! Let me know if you have any questions!

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  • We're thinking that we're going to rent instead of buy.  We're going to check out the on-post housing and probably be put on the waiting list (it's 4-8 months right now).  Not that the best places are on post, but since we have two little ones, and it's a new area for me, I don't want to live alone if DH gets deployed.  I have NO idea how long we are going to be stationed there.  DH doesn't even know what unit he is going to because he is listed as "Replacement Detachment" right now.  Ugh.  What areas are good to look at for renting?  If you see anything, PLEASE let me know. 
  • well i just moved to Texas but i haven't ventured over to the D/FTW board yet... i like it here... i am sure you will too! Welcome!
  • I think you'll like Oklahoma.  I miss it terribly (as you can see its been over 3 years since we've lived there but I do check on this board!) and can't wait to move back in another 3 years.

    I wanted to tell you COL is incredibly LOW!  I really miss that - we now live in NJ and it is just outrageous how much we are paying per month to live here (its not by my choice either).  

    Good luck!  And I know that these girls will help you whenever you need it. 

  • Welcome! Even though I have lived in OK my whole life, I don't know much about the Lawton area. Generally, I do think people in OK are friendly and the cost of living is very low compared to most areas. I am glad you are finally getting to live with your DH as a family! Good luck with the move!
  • Hmmm, some neighborhoods to look into: Brentwood (newer homes), Eisenhower Village, Meadowbrook, MacArthur Park, Park Ridge, and Fields & Dunning (older homes but cute, charming). Really, there's a lot of options and most are safe and near good schools. I think there's a lot of rental properties to choose from.?

    The last time we returned to Ft. Sill we lived in a military extended stay on post across from an elementary school (I was in 6th grade) for a little over 3 months. It sure was a relief to finally sleep in my own bed once we got post housing. They've built a TON since I lived there and they look awesome from the outside. The only downside was we always had a duplex, so we always shared a wall with our neighbors.?

    Happy House Hunting!?

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  • Dont know anything about the Ft. Sill Lawton area but welcome.
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  • I'm not sure if you plan on buying property when you get here or renting/living on base... But today in the Oklahoman it was saying that Oklahoma is #1 in the housing market right now. The value of property here has risen 5% versus other places that are losing. If I didn't have this year to finish out grad school (and ahem, er, actually had a job), I'd be buying property in Lawton right now. The base is being built up sooo much and I think property values are going to go up in a short period of time. Fortunately, the value of the house I bought in Norman has risen even since last summer, so I can't be too sad about not being able to buy down there.
  • Welcome! My DH and I just just moved to the Lawton area from MD about 3 months ago. We are LOVING the low cost of living (compared to the overpriced DC area) and the people have been very nice. This is definitely a very military-friendly town.

     I can tell you personally that the housing on base is about to get a LOT better. My DH works for the company that has been hired by the Army to renovate/build new on-post family housing, and they are also acting as property managers to keep up the maintenance and other issues to make living on-post easier for families. They officially take over from the Army in November, so you probably won't be in a new unit if you come earlier than that, but you can look forward to renovations.

     Good luck with your move!

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