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What to do with leftover alfredo sauce?

i guess i could use it as alfredo sauce for pasta - but i am looking for more inspired uses.

i have been wanting to make this recipe of shells stuffed with italian sausage and garlic spinach for EVER so i am going to do it this weekend since i have a lot of time.  now.  to make it more tasty, i am going to use half marinara and half alfredo over the top for a unmixed-blush sauce.

but the alfredo i buy is quite pricey and will only require half of the what can i do with the rest.  i can't freeze it b/c i already froze it (you can't refreeze stuff from what i understand....onece you thaw you have to use, right?).

so what can i do with only a little bit of it? 

give me some ideas. 

Re: What to do with leftover alfredo sauce?

  • Alfredo has to be one of the easiest sauces to make yourself, and it always tastes much better homemade. 
  • image sonrisa:
    Alfredo has to be one of the easiest sauces to make yourself, and it always tastes much better homemade. 

    no it doesn't - not when you buy it from one of the best little italian restos in the city.

    now, please contibute to the question or kindly ski-daddle.

  • Can you defrost half and make shells again in two weeks? (cut the frozen block with a cleaver).
  • My mind keeps veering to baking it but that is going to make the cream and butter separate, I think.

    Like making some sort of baked chicken alfredo casserole with some sort of veg in it... but it might come out a greasy, curdled mess.

    Go to epicurious and put in Alfredo sauce or something...

    Yeah that's right my name's Yauch!
  • since you said other than pasta, 

     Maybe on a pizza or flatbread?

    If you like salmon, you could probably do something with that, capers, a little white wine and lemon for a sauce w/ salmon.

    Or I'd pop the frozen out of the container by heating the outside, cutting the frozen block w/ a knife and keeping the other half frozen.  I've taken to freezing things in muffin tins, popping out and putting in a freezer bag just so I can use smaller portions. 


    oh so helpful

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  • Having now made my own alfredo, I can say that it doesn't really taste any better than the Classico stuff I used to buy!

    Anyway, I don't know. Put it over vegetables? Like broccoli?

    Truth be told, I would probably refreeze it if that was what was easiest. I think the rule is only for raw meats (and I don't even strictly comply with that one). 

  • Put it in your mashed potatoes?
  • Mmmm, Mediterranean Alfredo Pizza

    BTW, I think it is safe to refreeze alfredo sauce once thawed, although the quality may suffer a little.

  • Go get a huge order of Olive Garden breadsticks and dip them in it.

    (this is exactly what my 2lb 4 oz friend did at dinner with me last night. Skinny B!tch)

  • the pizza idea is a good one, actually.  i also was thinking of some sort of sauce for chicken.  like some sort of stuffed/rolled up chicken with sauce on top.

    it's a traditional alfredo (no garlic), so it's a great base to work from. 


  • haha, funny i just posted a chicken breast recipe.  It probably could be used w/ alfredo, though I'm not the biggest alfredo sauce fan (just too heavy for me except for once in awhile) 

    If you were to do that, I would serve on a bed of rice. 

    It might be nice w/ chicken breast stuffed w/ basil leaves, sundried tomatoes, mozzarella or goat cheese, salt and pepper.  That one always tastes nice and has a flavor reminiscent of pizza, which would pair w/ alfredo nicely.


    re. freezing, thawing, refreezing.  Generally foods should not enter and re-enter the "danger zones" of temperatures too often.  Cooling, thawing, freezing are all processes that take food through ideal bacteria growing temps, and that's usually the issue.  

    That being said, though it is a concern for many types of foods, it's less concerning for a sauce like an alfredo or tomato sauces, or whatnot.  Generally, it's more important with meats.   However, I'm still careful about how often I take things through that process.   I'd be more concern about the quality and separation of fats by thawing and refreezing the alfredo   (and this coming from someone fairly overly cautious when it comes to bacterial growth)


    oh so helpful

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  • Make a white pizza!  Alfredo sauce, spinach, tomatoe, garlic, and chicken (if you need the meat). 
  • Ditto the white pizza!! I add mushrooms

    Or make veggie lasagna with it. 

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  • image BoutTime:

    Go get a huge order of Olive Garden breadsticks and dip them in it.

    (this is exactly what my 2lb 4 oz friend did at dinner with me last night. Skinny B!tch)

    omg- this idea makes me want to stand up and slap my ass and pretend to ride a donkey and I'm not even really into alfredo!

  • PIZZA.

    Alfredo on the bottom, then mozz, cheddar, and provolone cheese. Then chicken, baby spinach leaves, and bacon.


    Are you serious???
  • Mix with canned pumpkin (add salt, garlic, and milk to taste) for a healthy and unique pasta sauce.
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