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help! planning HS reunion

Hi girls, I normally post over on D&R, but I need a little more help with planning a reunion. I'm thinking of volunteering to plan our HS reunion next summer, but I've never done anything like this before. Could you help me out and answer a few questions? Thanks


Re: help! planning HS reunion

  • I planned our 10 year reunion pretty much alone and had about 120 alumni show up. The majority was done with donations from the community and former alumni (even from other classes).


    1. what activities are usually included in high school reunions? We had a Friday night mixer at the hotel lobby where we had rooms blocked.  The local visitors center donated margaritas and when those ran out people went off to other places or went and bought their own alcohol and hung out by the pool.  Saturday morning there was a family BBQ.  It was a BYOMeat.  One alumni had a large grill and people brought their children and own picnics to mingle.  That night we had the dinner at a local restaurant. Again they donated some apps. but it was a pay as you go type thing.  (See #4)  Then we all met up for an after party at a club that we had sectioned off for our group.  I spoke to the owner (alumni from two year prior) and he offered us bracelets for discounts and even decorated for us.  Not to mention the DJ was from our class and played music from the 90's.


    2. which activities do you love and loathe? We didn't do awards or anything formal.


    3. what would be your ideal reunion? I had the best time at mine! And not because it was my baby.  I even had alumni from the year before show up to ours because they heard what a great we were having and told us it was better then theirs.


    4. how much would you want to pay for you and a SO to attend (not including travel, just the activities)? I didn't think it was right for Mr. & Mrs. Smith who didn't drink and hardly ate to pay $50a person while Mr. & Mrs. Boozehound get sloshed and hit the buffet 8 times.  If you wanted to drink you pay your own tab, if you wanted to eat again you pay your own tab.  People spent enough money traveling why make them pay more when they probably wont get that much out of it.  That way guests showed up to the events they wanted to and didn't feel like they had to get their moneys worth. I just provided them with 4 opportunities to see old friends.


    5. How do I get money up front to help with planning costs, deposits, etc? It was all donation.  On the Friday night mixer I had guests fill out a "Where have you been" questioner and turn them in.  The next day I had them all copied into mini year books and added a Thank You page on the back to all who contributed.  Followed by a thank you in the local paper to the establishments who donated time, services and money. UPDATE:  I guess I didnt answer the question, sorry.  Start making calls and asking local business what they can offer.  You are guaranteeing them business so they should be able to help you out.  Dont forget to call your old school and or teachers.  Our sponsor still had yearbooks and decorations that she let us have. You cuold also start a reunion committee and start holding fundraisers.


     Hit up classmates now.  The hardest part was finding everyone.  Myspace, Facebook and even Classmates.com helped out alot.


    Good luck and have fun!


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  • i always liked the agendas that included 1 activity for families .. and one for just alumni and their significant others ..
  • Friday night - informal gathering at a bar.  Free Event.  Room is reserved so people can mix and mingle.  You pay your own drinks, etc

    Saturday during the day - informal gathering for families at a park.  Kids are involved.  We had the option to pre-order a chik-fil-a boxed lunch or bring your own

    Saturday evening - nice cocktail party event for graduates and significant others.  Rented out a facility.  Band or DJ.  A few drink coupons than cash bar.  Light appetizers.



  • My reunion is coming up in October, but I can offer you our "agenda" from what I've heard. 

    Friday night is a happy hour - just time to socialize, mingle, and catch up. 
    Saturday is the dinner / dance - entertainment: one of our classmates turned comedian... so he's going to perform for us.  Also, another classmate has a production company, so i think he's putting together some sort of slideshow (maybe of old pictures from HS). 
    Sunday is the family picnic (and mass - Catholic HS).  I'm sure there will be bounce house and sorts for kids and BBQ food.

    -- Jackie
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