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Jon and Kate anyone???

okay so i don't know who all is a fan or just watches for the shear wonder of it all... but...

my DH, from day one, has said that Kate is a hag. granted i don't enjoy how she communicates with Jon but on some level i could kind of relate to her... just the reality of that many children those ages is inconcievable to me! so i can totally understand her being short tempered and frazzled, i am with just 2! and i know that she is somewhat OCD and i am that way too so again i can relate...

but a few weeks ago i stumbled on a blog that her SIL had started (from what i could figure out i believe it was her brothers wife???) anyway it was talking about how nobody can stand Kate and she has basically let the kids become her business and now that she has a business to run she is too busy for the kids... which are the business... she apparently as cut ties with Beth and Aunt Jodi... that is why they aren't on this season... and the reason their parents aren't a part of the show is because nobody gets along with Kate...

so what is your take? just a wacky conversation starter... i normally wouldn't probe into peoples lives like this but they have made them public so why not disect????

Re: Jon and Kate anyone???

  • I often wonder if she was like that before kids, or if she'd be like that if they had only had a single child each time.  I haven't been able to watch this season - I was watching reruns while on mat leave, and DH refuses to watch it - so I had no idea that Jodi and Beth weren't on.  Geez, I could never cut ties with anyone that helps out as much as they do period, let alone if I had 8 children!  I can't even count how many episodes the children have gone to Aunt Jodi's house.  Jodi and Beth were SAINTS to take their kids so many times, in my eyes.
  • I saw that blog by Aunt Jodi's sister. I have to take it with a grain of salt because, it kind of seems like she is doing it for the attention too.

    As far as Kate, I think we're so used to "reality" shows where people act differently (or follow along with scripts/story lines) in front of the camera. I think Kate is just real and everyone thinks she's being b!tchy, or OCD or controlling....
    I would probably be considered that way if someone was following me around every day of my life we 8 freaking kids!!

  • I can see myself in her. 

    1)  I am super OCD about lots of the same things she is.  The other night she was telling the kids that she can't stand the basement to be such a mess and looking around at all the toys I don't think I could have taken it either.  The madder she got, the more they quit helping and the madder she got.  I can see the cycle, but I can still see myself getting into that really easily. 

    2)  Lots of people have issues with the way she speaks to her husband, but to me he doesn't seem to mind.  I have that kind of relationship with my DH.  I pop off my mouth and he rolls his eyes at me.  If I get mean he lets me know.  I would think that Jon does the same thing - he just chooses to do it off camera.


  • I saw an episode from when they were younger and didn't have any kids yet. They were too cute and so sweet with each other (side note: Kate also had long hair!)?

    I use to love this show but I pretty much cringe when I watch it now. They sometimes act quite ugly to each other, especially Kate - she talks and bosses at Jon like he's one of the kids. DH HATES her - thinks she's just awful and seems to be hint a lot at what she'd like to have and getting free stuff (heck, I'd have a hard time turning some of it down!)

    However, I don't have any kids, so I totally understand she has her hands full. Plus, with a camera crew following her around and she seems so Type-A (like me) I think I would be a grouch and snappy too.?I saw that blog too. I've actually seen quite a few blogs devoted to "Kate hate." I don't want to judge because I'm not in Kate's shoes, but I do wonder why so many people who were once in her life (and featured on the show) are no longer part of it anymore.?

    I will say I can tolerate watching Kate a lot more than Maddy - my goodness, does she drive me crazy! ?

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  • I dont watch anymore not because of Kate but because I can't stand Maddy.  I know its horrible to dislike a 6 year old but the Walt Disney World episode did it for me.  The way she talked (bossed/demanded) her mother to do things was unreal.  I dont have children but I'm pretty sure I wouldn't tolerate that kind of behavior towards me or her father.  I'm pretty sure I would have made the ten o'clock news for child abuse on that one.

    I couldnt imagine having as many kids as they do!  I would need nannies.  Plural.  I would also need unlimited access to a maragarita machine.


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  • your right it was Aunt Jodi's sister... i couldn't remember the relationship but even as i typed it i knew it wasn't quite right... maybe Aunt Jodi is married to Kate's brother??? i don't know where i got that!

    haha i have never heard of Maddy hate before... that is humorous... to me she is just a 6 year old girl... a spoiled one, but that isn't her fault!

    speaking of Disney World the one reason Steven finally got really fed up with the show was when one of the little girls got ice cream on them there and Kate completely freaked out... he hates that and gets mad every time he sees it... of all the things she has flipped out about i think that was one of the most unreasonable but everyone lives in the moment who knows how i would have reacted at Disney World, burning up and trying to keep track of 8 little kids in the middle of a theme park!!! 

    i don't know why i enjoy this show or the banter... it just facinates me! 

  • Maddy drives me up the wall.  And although it is not her fault....she TOTALLY knows what she is doing.  I think Kate just ooogles over her b/c she is so much like her!!!  Love the show....would love the link to the blog you guys are talking about!

  • i still love the show. i think in almost every episode i say "maddy is such a brat!" cara gets that way sometimes, too though :) kate is THE biggest control freak. i feel a little bad for the kids, that they cant just play and get dirty. she flips out if everything is not done in a neat, orderly manner. jon just makes me laugh.

    like i said, still a fan of the show, feel a little bad for jon though :)

  • Supposedly the reason why they are not on the show anymore is because the show wanted to start having Jodi and her family on the show more often and pay them.  Kate said that the only people who were going to profit off of their family was their family (just Jon and Kate).  The person who writes that blog is Jodi's (who is Kate's brother's wife) sister.  The website is http://truthbreedshatred.blogspot.com/

     Right now the latest blog entry is a video of Jodi.  It's so people will know that the blog is real and not just some random person pretending they are Jodi's sister.

    P.S.  I don't actually stay up to date with this blog.  People on another mom board I am on talk about it all the time.  I swear I'm not their stalker!

  • yeah i just happened to notice that i had that blog bookmarked yesterday...

    the more i think about it it's just typical family stuff... every family has issues and every family has a "black sheep"... they are just putting it all out there for everyone to see... if there were cameras following me and my extended family there is no telling what monsters everyone would think we are!!! :-)

  • I've watched just about every episode of this show, and I love it. I haven't liked this season as much as the past seasons, because it does seem like more of a "production" rather than just cameras following them around on ordinary days.

    DH and I both watch and laugh at how Jon & Kate talk to each other, because we've been known to do the same thing. I probably am not as OCD about being clean as Kate is, but I can understand her whole need to be in control all the time.

    I've read the blog, and I don't know what to think about it. I can't help but feel like there is a reason why Jon & Kate don't want other people to be paid castmembers, I don't think it is just to be mean to Jodi. I always thought that Beth had something to do with the production of the show anyhow, so I don't know why she isn't on it as much. Jodi reminds me of an aunt I have who is really sweet and martyr-like, but who is manipulative and shady when no one's looking. I dunno.

    Good topic - haha!

  • Well that website totally ruined it for me.  I should have never gone.  Oh well, one less show to watch.
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