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Can I use cayenne pepper to repel rabbits?

We always have a ton of rabbits in our yard. There were 2 nests last year that we know of in our yard but I haven't done inventory this year.  Besdies our dog eating all of their crap and literally getting sick, they ate 2 full flats of freshly planted annuals last year in THE SAME AFTERNOON that I planted them. I'm talking, I planted, went inside to clean up and take a nap, and came outside and everything was gone.

I was going to trap them and rehome them last summer.  I tried for 3 months and only got 1 chipmunk, which died in the trap.

I also tried that repellant spray (the kind that smells like rotten eggs) and it didn't do squat.

DH tried stunning them and scaring them off w/a bb gun and that has also done nothing (no flames. We are 100% sure that none were injured or killed in the process.)

I was considering sprinkling cayenne pepper inside of their nests and around/over my plants. I read that this can help keep dogs out of certain areas but I wasn't sure how it would work for rabbits.... Would that work?

Or any other ideas are appreciated. We cannot do any sort of fencing so that option is out.

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Re: Can I use cayenne pepper to repel rabbits?

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