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Can I use cayenne pepper to repel rabbits?

We always have a ton of rabbits in our yard. There were 2 nests last year that we know of in our yard but I haven't done inventory this year.  Besdies our dog eating all of their crap and literally getting sick, they ate 2 full flats of freshly planted annuals last year in THE SAME AFTERNOON that I planted them. I'm talking, I planted, went inside to clean up and take a nap, and came outside and everything was gone.

I was going to trap them and rehome them last summer.  I tried for 3 months and only got 1 chipmunk, which died in the trap.

I also tried that repellant spray (the kind that smells like rotten eggs) and it didn't do squat.

DH tried stunning them and scaring them off w/a bb gun and that has also done nothing (no flames. We are 100% sure that none were injured or killed in the process.)

I was considering sprinkling cayenne pepper inside of their nests and around/over my plants. I read that this can help keep dogs out of certain areas but I wasn't sure how it would work for rabbits.... Would that work?

Or any other ideas are appreciated. We cannot do any sort of fencing so that option is out.

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Re: Can I use cayenne pepper to repel rabbits?

  • We do that to keep cats out of flower beds. I would certainly try it to see if it works for rabbits too. Like pp said, maybe not in their nests though, just around your plants.
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  • MrsIMrsI member
    You can sprinkle baby powder in their nests to keep them from coming back.  My aunt had a nest in her yard and didn't know it until her dog had found the babies.  She called somewhere and they said using baby powder hides their scent and they will go make a new nest.  She did this and they never came back.  Worth a try....
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  • Fences don't work anyway ;)  I watched a bunny slip through our fence last night.

    We use moth balls in the mulch to stink out the chipmunks.  I wonder if that would work for rabbits...?

  • I have heard this but it washes/blows away constantly....I have also heard marigolds are good  repellents just plant a few here and there...the bunnies don't like the way they smell
  • I've used the fox pee stuff but it comes in granule form and does not smelll like the liquid.  It worked but you have to remember to put it on after rain. 

    My mother in-law used old belts bought from goodwill in the flowerbed.  She positioned them like snakes.  Worked for her.

    This year I'm also trying marigolds.  I planted a few every few feet in my flower beds.


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