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Silly Confessions...

Confess something that everyone (or most everyone) can do but you can't.

1. I can't swim. I can wade in the water, but I hate jumping off a diving board b/c I fear I wont' come back up.

2. I can't wink. At all, I look like a ra-tard.

"Being powerful is like being a lady. If you have to tell people you are, you aren't."

Re: Silly Confessions...

  • I can't wink either, or whistle.  Or blow gum bubbles.
  • I can't sew anything more than a button to save my life. And I took a costume design class in college where sewing was half the semester

    I also can't raise one eyebrow and I really wish I could, it looks so James Bondish

  • I can't style my hair. Maybe it's lack of practice, but good hair for me is kinda a coin toss. Either it dries nice or it doesn't (even if i blow dry it and use product). The best I know how to do if it dries poorly is tie it back with a clip.
  • Oh man, I can't style my hair either.  I've always blamed it on my crap hair rather than my lack of skill, though.  It looks like hell when I go to the salon, too, even worse than when I do it.
  • i cant wistle for the life of me

    i can't divide or multiply in my head. i have to use a calculator =( sad i know!

    im addicted to starbucks, anyone else?




  • 1. Snap with my right hand. I'm left handed but do everything else with my right.

    2. Anything above basic math. One reason college and I didn't mesh. The teacher made me feel sofa king wee tod id. Maybe I am. 

  • I can't sleep with music playing.I will stay up all night listening to it and eventually get really pissed if I can't turn it off.

    I can't move my ring finger independently. 



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  • Add me to the list of sad hair?

    I have no clue how to style my hair.

    Which is why I usually keep it short so I can look like I'm trying to do the trendy slightly tossled look?

  • Can't snap

    Can't wink

    And everytime I tell someone that they try to help me learn!  It doesn't work!

  • I keep it long so I don't look like Yahoo Serious.
  • I really can't wink either - my face gets all scrunchy it's weird!
  • I can wink, but I wasn't able to for years. My ex used to make fun of me and tell me I looked retarded when I tried. Yeah, awesome. So I learned how and practiced. 

    Cucumber, in large amounts, gives me gas. Which is sad because I used to like to slice one and put a little salt on it for a snack.

  • image pitty:

    2. Anything above basic math. One reason college and I didn't mesh. The teacher made me feel sofa king wee tod id. Maybe I am. 

    im with you sister! never was able to do it either...just hasn't clicked. i feel sofa king wee tod id too!

  • imoanimoan
    10000 Comments Eighth Anniversary
    I can't whistle.  And (this is embarrassing), I have a hard time telling time. I have to stare at a watch or a clock for a good while before being able to determine the time. 
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  • 1.  I can't ride a bike or roller skate.

    2.  I can't style my hair fancy, like braid it or curl it.  My repertoire consists of a blow-dryer and a straight iron.

    3.  I can't tan - I am either a shade of pale or look like a cherry tomato.

    This is my siggy.
  • My hair usually looks pretty good after a salon blow out. My secret trick for events is to get my hair cut that day. It has backfired though.

    And add me to the bad at math list. I have completely forgotten how to do division, and i need it for converting fractions to decimals in my work, all the time.

  • I can't whistle either. Looks like a lot of us are in that boat!
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  • Whistle = fail for gaultry as well. 

    I have a terrible short-term memory. If I don't write things down right away or say it over and over in my head, I forget in about 20 seconds.

  • image gaultry:

    I have a terrible short-term memory. If I don't write things down right away or say it over and over in my head, I forget in about 20 seconds.

    omg! me too!!! i thought i was the only one who forgets things like this.... 10 seconds later..i forgot already =(

  • I have never been able to do those posters where you are supposed to look at a bunch of dots/lines or whatever and see a hidden picture...3D optical illusion posters I think they are? They were really popular in the late 80's/early 90's. 

  • I do not know how to wear make-up well. I was never taught and I'm embarassed about finding someone to teach me.

    But I feel like I need to know.

    I hate wearing it, though. So I'm not sure why I care.

  • Can't do my hair (even my pony tails look like crap)

    Can't do eyeliner

    I have decent book smarts, but can't explain my methods for the life of me.  My friends learned early not to come to me for math help.

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  • I cant do eyeliner either! I just recently went to Merle Norman to have them teach me and my hands were shaking because I was trying to be so precise :( Epic fail

    2. I have a HORRIBLE time with simple math..this is embarassing...if the sum of two numbers is over 10 I have to use fingers...I seriously had to use the calculator today for 16+17..I dont remember the answer and I cant do it without fingers :(

    3. I also CANNOT try dresses on that have to go over my head..pretty sure its all a mental thing but when I went shopping for a wedding dress there were 10+ dresses that I couldnt/wouldnt try on because I couldnt step into them

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