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Cream Color Help...

I posted last weekend looking for color suggestions...  My kitchen is SW Harvester and my morning room is SW Torchlight. 



Morning Room:


My family room, foyer, stairwell, and craft room all need to be painted before my hardwoods get laid (just so I can definitely avoid paint drips on the wood).  This is the basic color of all of those other living spaces (SW Canvas Tan).


I am looking for a color to replace the Canvas Tan.  I don't hate the Canvas Tan - but the builder used flat paint and it was a pretty thin coat of paint - so regardless of the paint color, it needs to be repainted with a better finish for the wear and tear of everyday life.

I have tried a sample of

SW Ivoire (has a green hue as the sun sets in the evenings - not pretty),
SW Kilim Beige - it was "meh"
SW Khaki Shade - too dark
SW Urban Putty - greyish-green. Not "right"

I have also looked in the paint bio...  what other suggestions would you ladies have?

Re: Cream Color Help...

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