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Are Clif bars good snacks/meal replacements?

I know. I'm clueless...but I'm trying. That's kind of endearing right?

I bought some clif bars because after my workout I still have multiple hours of class before I can go home and make dinner and I get so hungry. The calories seem right but the total carbs seem high roughly 40-44 grams with 21 grams sugar. Is that ok? Do you eat them?

I was also thinking of subbing them for breakfast on the off occasion that I am late in the morning and eating one with some skim milk. Thoughts?


Re: Are Clif bars good snacks/meal replacements?

  • I like Zone Pefect bars WAY better. (The Double Dark Chocolate one is sooooo yummy!) Trust me, I never thought I would find a meal replacement bar yummy. lol

    The Zone bars have way less carbs and sugar too.

  • I like zone bars better. I don't know about meal replacements, but they are a good snack. I used to eat them for one of my snacks every day.
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  • It kind of depends on what your goals are.  I love Clif bars *before* a workout- say if I'm going to run at lunch and can't wait to eat until afterward.  I'll have a Clif bar mid-morning, run, then have a non-carb heavy lunch (like a salad with some kind of protein).

    They do have a lot of calories and carbs...but it all depends on what you're going for.

     Some snacks that pack easily:



    raisins/any kind of dried fruit

    nuts (raw/unsalted preferably)

    1/2 PBJ or peanut butter/honey sandwich

  • They are pretty carb/sugar/calorie heavy, so I usually only eat them before my long runs when I'm trying for a more carby snack. 

    In a pinch, I usually split them in half and spread a little peanut butter on top to make the macros more balanced.

    Luna Bars are by the same company, but a little lighter and still really good, IMO.

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  • They taste good and are fine as a meal replacement once in a while. (Even my DH will eat them. He carries them in his flight bag for when he can't get a meal.)
  • They're not the worst choice, but I would probably grab a peanut butter sandwich (or 1/2 a PB sandwich depending on the calories in your favorite bread and how thickly you like the PB spread). The PB sandwich is slightly better balanced in terms of macro nutrients (my last one had 33 g carbs, 9 g fat, and 12 g protein) and it is much cheaper.

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  • I like the Cliff bars for kids. They're smaller and have less calories but still fill me up.
  • I love the CLIF C bars!
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