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Birthing at Providence Portland / Induction

Hi All-

I'd be curious to hear anyone's experience birthing at Providence Portland and/or having an induction.  We had planned a NCB, but we are rapidly approaching our cut off date and more information would certainly help ease my mind.


Re: Birthing at Providence Portland / Induction

  • I can't speak from personal experience but I work there (not in L&D), and have had several co-workers give birth there and have had a very good experience.  Hopefully someone with personal experience can chime in.
  • I guess I could say I enjoyed my experience there...most of my hindsight complaints are dr. related.  The nurses were all super nice to me; I was able to use the tub down the hall to do some laboring.  I had to check in for induction Saturday night so a nun brought me communion on Sunday.  I didn't enjoy the restricted diet they had me on post c-section, but I was happy with most of the food.  They were also really great in getting lactation people in to help me.   Not sure what a NCB is, but I hope that helps you a little. :)
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  • Thanks for the information--NCB is natural child birth.  I really wanted to avoid pitocin/epidural etc. but that may not be possible

    So you were induced, and they still let you labor in the tub for a while?  Were you on pitocin?  Was it a mobile IV cart thing?

    I'm sorry to hear your doctor was lame, but encouraged about the nurses and the lactation help.  Thanks again. 

  • I birthed there and was induced. I was not able to labor in the tub due to the number of IVs in me. I was able to walk for about 15 minutes at a time and then be hooked back up to monitor the baby. I checked in Sunday and gave birth Tuesday night at 11pm. I had 2 nights of cervadil and the nurses, for the most part were awesome. I did have one crappy nurse who couldn't figure out my IVs. She sucked! Overall, the care we got was good and it was awesome to have my husband sleep with me every night. They brought in an extra bed so he had more than the crappy couch thing. The epi guy I had was awesome! Let me know if you have more questions
    PS. Dr. Polo was AWESOME! I am signing him up for my second.
  • Thank you.  Any information is helpful, and it's great to hear the nurses were so helpful. You are not the first person I have heard say that Dr. Polo was great.  Hopefully he will be on call when I check in.  :)
  • You'll probably get some great advice on the local Bump board, more recent mommies there. I've never given birth at Providence but everyone I know who has has very good things to say about them. I have Kaiser ins so its either Providence or Sunnyside for me and all of the Dr.'s/Midwives I've seen have said that Sunnyside is more supportive of NCB so even though its quite a drive for us we're going to try to make it to Sunnyside. Whatever you decide, just try to stick to your plan and be very vocal that you want a NCB. I'm sure it will go great.
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