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kmart coupon

a few weeks back someone shared a kmart coupon for $10 off $20.  did anyone have success with it?  i went to the kmart by countryside mall (clearwater) and they said it was only a promotion for the northeast kmarts (like NY and NJ).  it doesn't state that anywhere on the coupon and I pointed that out to management and they just apologized and said they could not honor it.

did anyone have success and what Kmart did you go to?  thanks!

Re: kmart coupon

  • I read somewhere that alot of people had that problem with the store not taking it. Someone said that it was a legitimate coupon but apparently got way more attention than they expected so they were losing too much money and decided to stop taking it. Who knows, its crappy that they wouldnt take it after putting it out there like that.
  • It was me who posted the coupon. I was able to use it three times before they pulled it.  My understanding is that the coupon was supposed to be for select stores in the NE US, but were misprinted as being "any" Kmart store. Personally, I think it sounds like Kmart's problem, not the consumer's.  They should be more careful about the terms of their promotion before releasing it as a PDF that anyone can print as many times as they want!
  • ugh.  well I am glad the guy wasn't lying to me.  although like you guys said, it really is their problem not the consumers. 
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