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Vent/AW/Mexico Tips?

Vent: DH's best friend and his fiance gave us 4 days notice that they were getting married in Mexico in 6 weeks. As in, money is due TODAY. It was an expensive week!

AW: We are going on a week long vacation to Playa Del Carmen in May! We haven't been on a vacation since our honeymoon over two years ago, and since this will most likely be our last vacation before we have a baby - I'm super exicited!

Mexico tips - I've never been! It's all inclusive.
- Do I need money for tips?
- What kind of clothes should I plan on? Any dressy? All casual?
- Drink the water? Or seriously stick with sealed beverages?
- Etc, etc ... I'm open for any tips!


Re: Vent/AW/Mexico Tips?

  • fun!    I'm assuming you are staying at a larger AI resort?

    I'm sure the employees would appreciate tips, but don't go crazy. most AI resorts say tips are included in the fee, you might want to double check

    I'd bring a mix of casual + somewhat dressier (i.e. sundresses and whatnot for dinners). 

    re: water.  the resort will supply you with bottled water so you shouldn't have to worry.

    have a good time!   

    ETA:  be prepared to take FULL advantage of the open bar situation.  and bring lots of sunscreen!

    merry everything!

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  • nice!  all inclusives are the best.

    ditto everything ssinca said.  my tip: drink lots of margaritas! Big Smile

  • I'm late but just wanted to chime in... We have been to AIs in Playa a few times.  Usually the tips are included so we wouldn't tip, except for the waiters who bring you drinks on the beach and the maids for cleaning your room.  A few bucks here and there.  As far as clothes, I wouldn't do fancy like a formal dress, but definately some sundresses/skirts.  Make sure your DH brings at least one pair of long khaki pants b/c alot of the restaurants require long pants on men for dinner even though it may be hella hot.  As long as you are at the resort, you shouldn't have any problems drinking the water/ice/mixed drinks there.  A couple of tips I have... bring a couple of insulated mugs, most will pour your drinks in those and they will stay cold alot longer than the plastic cups.  And I would buy a couple of the kinda skinny/flexible air mattresses to float around on.  Some places have plenty available and some don't.  Its nice to have your own and we usually just give them to someone there when we leave so we don't have to pack them back up.  You are going to have so much fun, we love going to Mexico and will be going again to an all inclusive in June for a wedding as well!  Which resort are yall staying at? 

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