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Puppy dust needed

Bobo had his booster shot for his rattlesnake vaccine two weeks ago.  However, the site of the injection turned into a huge golf ball shaped welt and he had to go in to see the vet this morning.  They aspirated a bunch of yucky goo from inside and are currently analyzing it.  The doc isn't sure what the heck is going on.  So, if you dont mind passing some Bobo-ok dust and that it's just a reaction to the vaccine, Id appreciate it.  I worry more these days about little things going wrong quickly after what happened with Wingnut.  Sad  Spanks!  (Thanks)
Bobo says smile!!!!


Re: Puppy dust needed

  • Praying for a healthy dog for you.
  • Aw, lots of dust for Bobo!

    Bella always gets horrible reactions to any of her vaccines.  She's just high maintenance like that.

    BabyFruit Ticker
  • Poor Bobo!  I hate puppy hurting stuff. :(

    I hope its just a small, bad reaction and nothing more.

  • Poor Bobo!  Hope he's feeling all better soon!

  • Just heard back from the vet.  He has a sterile abcess (no bacteria) in relation to the rattlesnake vaccine.  They drained what they could but if it doesn't go down by next week they will have to put a drain in it Sad.

    Note for those of you who might consider doing it, this type of reaction is apparently very common.  It hasn't been reported as a side effect by the company, but the vets have seen an increased reaction to this.  Also, A&M is not longer supporting the use of the rattlesnake vaccine as it hasn't shown to be any more beneficial than immediate care at an emergency vet hospital.  Just FYI.  Our vet discouraged us from continuing with the boosters.

    On a good note, he's gained another pound!  He's finally within normal weight for his breed after a year!  (He was 17 pounds when we got him and he's now 39!).  And a perfect score in his dental exam. 

    Bobo says smile!!!!

  • i didn't even know there was a rattlesnack vaccine! sorry he has to have a drain put in... they're icky! Huh?

    but yay for the weight gain!

  • Get better Bobo!
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