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Garbage disposal making a buzzing noise but not working?

Does anyone know how to reset it or have you had this problem before.

Re: Garbage disposal making a buzzing noise but not working?

  • I had this problem before - turns out a pop tab had gotten caught between the blades and jammed it up. Disconnect the power to the disposal and stick your hand down there and see if somethings stuck.
  • If you have a set of allen wrenches, there's a place at the bottom of your garbage disposal that you can stick it in.  Spin it around a little, and it should start working.

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  • Growing up we would spin it w/ a broom handle with the disposal turned off and that should get it going.
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  • Obviously, try the reset button first. If that doesn't work ... I totally do the "broom handle" trick. It's probably just stuck. I actually have a small plunger I bought not for plunging but for freeing the disposal. Stick it down there and move the blades loose. Press the reset button again and you should be set!
  • This happened to us a few months ago.  Dh took the disposal apart, and fiddled w/ the pieces inside, and plugged it back in.  Try resetting it first; that might do the trick.
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  • Sounds like something could be stuck. Disconnect it and take a peak inside.
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