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Pinata fillers for toddlers?

Any ideas for some pinata fillers for toddlers?  We would like to get a pinata for dd's 2nd b-day. What can I fill it with?

Re: Pinata fillers for toddlers?

  • I did candy because most of the kids were older, but Krystal did mini granola bars, fruit snacks etc.
  • what about little playdoughs or mini packages of like 4 crayons?
  • Oh I also did Play Doh's , LPS animals and Star wars dudes!
  • image StephHess:
    what about little playdoughs or mini packages of like 4 crayons?


    What if they get bonked in the head?


    Mommy to Ella Grace 6/4/05
    image" width=250>

  • That's what I was thinking...wouldn't that hurt falling on their heads?? 
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  • I would do sm. boxes of raisins, granola bars, lollipops...
  • I was going to say little things of bubbles, but like one of the pp said... what if they get bonked in the head??
  • I went to a b-day party of a 2 year old in January and she had a pinata.  To be honest, I was completely annoyed with it.  All the kids were either 2 or a bit younger and she had the whole thing filled with candy...lollipops, tootsie rolls, startburst.  Crap I do not want Olivia to have.  So, not only did we have to make sure no one got wacked with a stick, make sure our kids knew it wasn't their turn, but I had to take candy from  my kid.  Call me a party pooper, but I see no reason for a pinata until the kids are old enought to know they need to stay away, take turns, etc.  Sorry, but that is my opinion on that LOL

    So, if you are definitely going to do it, I say the granola bars and fruit snacks, along with raisins and maybe little packs of goldfish would be great.  I also liked the idea of crayons. 

  • We are doing one of the pull pinatas


  • image dimples112:

    We are doing one of the pull pinatas


    well if only you said so...LOL

    That is a great idea!  One which my dumba$$ friend may have wanted to look into.  So, I say avoid the candy, go with healthy treats and crayons and that will be lots of fun!

  • LOL....all the kids will be around the same age as DD so I was not going to get one that you have to hit, they are too small for that still.  So I found a pull one in her theme so I will getting that one.  If they didn't have pull ones I would not have gotten one.

    I will probably be filling it with rubber ducks/little squirt toys, those gerber toddler cereal bars, if I can find little bags of animal crackers.

     In the goody bag is going to be a beach pail w/ coloring pages of wubbzy w/ crayons, playdoh, the no spill bubble tumbler, stickers and a puzzle.


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