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Temperature for Chicago--Sept.


My girlfriends and I are going to Chicago September 12-14 and I was curious what the temperatures are like then. I looked up the averages on and it say mid 70's during the day and 50's at night. We are staying on Michigan Avenue and I know it windy down there. I have been in October before and we had to wear heavy coats because it was really chilly, but I am curious about the dates we are going.

 Is it warm enough to where a cocktail dress and not freeze to death then at night time and what it is like during the day?

 Your opinions are greatly appreciated!!!

Re: Temperature for Chicago--Sept.

  • yes it should be okay.  Our wedding was Sept and it was 80 degrees.  It can be nice, but we can have our cool days.  You will be fine.  : )
  • In all honesty, I can't give you advice on this.  The weather changes so often in Chicago that I've walked into a store when it was 60 and come out and it will be 40.  It's nuts!  I would suggest checking out the weather the week before you come, it should be nice but we could have a heat wave or a cold streak!  We never know!
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  • seriously... It could be 80 or it could be 50.    Fall and Spring are a little erratic here.    I would come prepared for either.  
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  • It will probably be in the 60s or 70s during the day and 50s or 60s at night.  But like a pp said, Chicago weather is pretty unpredictable.  Bring a little of everything with you.  I'd suggest bringing jeans, nice black pants, cocktail dress with wrap / coverup, short-sleeve shirts, light jacket, light sweater.
  • I agree with pp, make sure you bring a sweater and a pair of pants because down by the lake can get chilly. Have a great trip!
  • Thank you for all of your opinions! I will definately go prepared and pass the word along to my girlfriends! I am so excited :)
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