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Do you (or want to) shop at Therapy Systems in Green Hills???

I need some help if it wouldn't make a difference to someone out there, this would make a HUGE difference to me.

 Long story short, I need to return some skin care products that didn't work on my raging awful skin right now (thanks to hormone issues), but DH is at his witts end with me spending money (and time and getting depressed) with skin care that isn't working.  I am at my witts end. Anyway, I was on my way to Sephora to get some products I used to use before "going green" with my skin care and I went into Therapy Systems to see if they carried it (rather support local stores). They didn't and talked me into buying something else.  I was hopeful so I tried them.

 It's not helping me (I'm sure they're great products, I just have the worst skin ever) and I need to return them, btu they only give store credit.  But I really want my money to go buy my old stand by at Sephora.  While it's only $57.36, we're trying to budget right now and the last thing I need is to spend $60 on skin care I need and then that credit on something fun like makeup from Therapy Systems or something. 

 So...if you (or anyone you know) shops there anyway and would be spending cash there either way, would you want a giftcard/store credit to Therapy Systems for $57.36 so I can take cash and go buy the stuff I should have to begin with???

I would totally owe you forever and be sooooooo grateful!

Re: Do you (or want to) shop at Therapy Systems in Green Hills???

  • Hi girl,

    I actually just started using Therapy Systems and looove the products I got - but I only bought sample sizes so will need to re-stock soon - before H and I move (we are leaving for Canada in October!!)

    If you want to drop me an email ([email protected]), maybe we can plan a time to meet at the store and trade out or something!

  • Thank you SO much! You are my new favorite person...I'll shoot ya an email ;)

  • Hey there, just checking in and really don't mean to bug ya, but I sent you an email and I'm not sure if you got it....


    I ended up having to take it back Fri b/c I was there and only had until the end of the month to make my return, so I have the store credit if you are still interested - just let me know!

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