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Valspar Paint vs Something Else

I want to repaint our living room this weekend. I've used Valspar in the past but I've seen so many ladies on this board raving about Benjamin Moore. Is it worth the switch? Is it sold @ Home Depot/Lowe's?

Re: Valspar Paint vs Something Else

  • I like BM more, however I don't like it better enough to justify spending 2x the money. I've used both BM and Valspar in our house. After just buying 5 samples of BM paint this past weekend, I decided to just go with Valspar. I'm just as satisfied with the color and coverage. BM is not sold at either Lowes or Home Depot, although it is sold at select Ace Hardware stores.

    Good luck with the painting project!

  • I prefer Benjamin Moore to anything you can get at HD or Lowes. I really like Sherwin Williams too, and they have sales and coupons (you can sign up online) and a sale coming up soon.

    Here's a store locator to help you find a store near you.

    ETA: It does cost more, but to me, the difference in the depth of color and quality of paint is worth it.

  • Another quick note - a contractor friend of mine swears by BM. Refuses to use anything else.  However, he says it's only worthwhile if you go with their mid to high grade paint - not the $32 per gallon line.  He said BM's cheapest line is pretty much comparable in quality to lines you'd find at Home Depot/Lowes.
  • NDChristine & BridesMom, thanks! I didn't expect to get such good advice so quickly. 
  • We've used Valspar, BM, and SW on our house since this summer and we've switched solely to BM. The paint just feels thick and it doesn't pull back off of the walls or have any other issues that we've had with other brands.
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  • I haven't tried BM or SW, but Valspar was much better than other cheaper brands, like Kilz or Olympic. I would recommend Valspar, and I would like it enough to use it again if I had more stuff to paint.
  • I'm a BM fan.  I love their colors and the quality of paint.  But, on the occasion that I can't get to the special store for it, I will go with Valspar's Signature line.
  • I give Valspar a thumbs down, although I hear the signature line (their more expensive stuff) is better.

    I like Sherwin Williams - they're having a 25% off sale the weekend of 3/19-21, I hear.  Their paint is fantastic quality, and the sale takes the edge off the price. 

  • I use both Benjamin Moore and Valspar and have been equally satisfied with both. Benjamin Moore is about double in price.

    We did use Benjamin Moore Aurora Bath and Spa Matte finish paint for our bathroom and I love it and have gotten many compliments on it.  Since all other brands only have semi gloss paints for bathroom, I loved that they made a matte finish.  However it was almost $60 for a gallon.

  • I always use no or low VOC paint, and between the Olympic to the Benjamin Moore one it is definitely worth twice the price.
  • I haven't tried Valspar or BM, I was strictly looking for zero VOC or low VOC paint & my contractor said he liked SW so I went there & got many gallons of their Harmony Zero VOC paint.  The painter commented how nice the paint was & it only need one coat.  I color matched some colors & picked some from SW...I was really happy with both!

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