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Adam and Eve

What do they usually send as gifts?  I ordered a bullet and when I checked tracking today it also listed a "mystery gift".  To be honest, I'm kinda nervous about what it's going to be, because the bullet was a BIG step!! Embarrassed

Re: Adam and Eve

  • Mine was a DVD, mini vibe, condoms, and a clit sensitizing lube.  I think that was it.  I had a bullet but I definitley reccomend moving up to an egg.  It is easier to hold on to and you will O so amazingly! Have fun with the bullet and the mystery gift!
  • So far I've gotten a glass dildo and a butt plug.
  • image strrysmthoundlov3r:
    So far I've gotten a glass dildo and a butt plug.


    Lol yeah, that would be why I'm nervous!  Stick out tongue

  • I got my bullet yesterday and it came with a little packet of G-spot stimulating gel.

  • Lol! Yeah. I don't think we've played with either at all yet. Well aside from joking with them in hand.

    Now that I think about it, we also got samples of feminine centered condoms (for males but for her pleasure).
  • Whatever you get, just put them away for a rainy day when you feel adventurous!


    I've gotten a vibrator and a 'Taboo Anal' dvd that FI cut into little pieces and threw away (after we FF through all of the anal scenes and caught the few bits of non-anal sex).

  • we've gotten one dvd and two c*ck rings.  We like the DVD, tried the c*ck ring, but didn't do much for us, and it looked really uncomfortable!

    Just because you get them doesn't mean you have to use them!

  • Did you get the bullet with the wireless remote control??? We will go out to dinner and I'll pass the wireless remote (it looks like a car lock bock, so very discreet) over the table to my husband. It TOTALLY turns him on, and he gets to zap me between the salad and the main course. Or while we're grocery shopping. Or at a party. Or...well, you get the picture :P
  • We got anal beads and *** rings.  Never used either, next time we'll probably opt for the DVD!
  • I have the wireless bullet!  We still haven't taken it out of the house yet.  Man that thing flies through batteries!
  • All we got a porn calendar/poster. Kind of a disappointment, but it was free so I can't complain too loud.
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