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Flame me all you want

but I am an emotional mess right now. Mr. Winged is getting on a plane to Amsterdam for a week. We have been apart for a week at a time in our relationship, but hormones must be raging. I cried on the way home from the airport and he just texted me that he was going to miss me and I started crying again.

Someone make fun of my mom.


Re: Flame me all you want

  • You are about to have another human totally dependent on you 24/7.  Think about all the things that you can do with this last week of all you time.
  • Oh I know. I am so excited about all the stuff I have planned this week. I have girl dates, massages, and total control over the TV. But I cannot stop crying.
  • didnt you say in an earlier post you wanted to get a milkshake and be all farty and smelly since your H is out of town? Do that and enjoy it.
  • oh, i got the shake. it is amazingly wonderful. oreo.
  • But Winged, you can decorate your bedroom in risque lyrical decals to surprise him upon his return. Surely that must bring you joy.
    For less then ten cents a day, you can feed a hungry child.
  • It's ok. Last time T was away for work was the first time I had been sick in a long time. Like fever, stayed in bed, stayed home from work sick. I cried like a baby cause I was all alone. I think a milkshake would have helped.

    Claire Elizabeth 12/31/2011
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  • I saw your mom leaving Eddie's soccer club the other night, and she smelled like rib thauthe.

    3 out of 4 dead babies agree! pepsi is better than coke! - EdithBouvierBeale
    Lordy. Grow some balls and stop lurking. It's like stealing from the internet. Jesuschrist. -- AudreyHorne
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    It's a good thing my circle of trust is as giant as my vagina. That only leaves a couple people out. - Cali
  • I cried a lot at that time. A lot. It was out of control. Have a great week alone though, enjoying the peace & quiet. Hang in there winged.
    image Josephine is 4.
  • image GroomzMcFinehiney:

    I saw your mom leaving Eddie's soccer club the other night, and she smelled like rib thauthe.

    she passed your mom coming out of robe's lair. bowm chica wow wow

    Thanks everyone. I am back to non-crying and enjoying a CSI marathon. ha!

  • Don't be sad.  You and the burglars are going to have a fantastic week together!
    "That chick wins at Penises, for sure." -- Fenton

    that's just mean

    your mom is a turdburglar.

  • It'll pass.  I love when Twan goes out of town, but right before he leaves I get all "No, don't go!"  A few hours later I'm thrilled to be alone and chugging a glass of cab and watching sci fi TV.
    "As of page 2 this might be the most boring argument ever. It's making me long for Rape Day." - Mouse
  • damn fenton. stop being such a whore to everyone, including twan.
  • I was just trying to distract you from how sad you were.  You're such an ingrate.
    "That chick wins at Penises, for sure." -- Fenton
  • I don't think there's anything wrong with missing your husband. Especially in your delicate condition.... you know, being with child and all. 

    I would take advantage of the opportunity to eat all the food he hates and maybe make some cookies and eat them all yourself. Oh and get a pedicure.

    image Ready to rumble.
  • I am home alone today for the first time since about last July.  I'm loving it!  I see the crying though, I did that a lot when I was pregnant and F went away.
  • I'm never good enough for you cali

    ::runs of crying::


    but seriously, I am thinking of ordering pizza tonight and watching cheesy PPV movies.

  • I'm making pizza tonight, but my day alone will be ending in about 15 minutes and I'll have to get off the couch and play mom.
  • hmmm, i could make a pizza. That is a good idea. I want some grapefruit juice anyway and we are all out. I wish I had someone to go to the store for me.
  • your mom's milkshake brings all the boys to the yard.
    IVF#1 May 2011 15 Eggs Retrieved, 11 Fertilized using ICSI + HPT on 6/9/11 Beta #1 420 Beta #2 2167 US 7/1 TWINS!! Due 2/18/2012 Brooke and Nora born at 35.6 weeks Jan 20th 2012
  • again with the damn milkshakes.  there's no way I'm not stopping and getting a milkshake on my way to work tonight.  Now I need to decide if I want actual dairy in it or if a Shamrock shake would do.  Probably want actual dairy, though.

    Winged, H is off dogsitting for the ILs AGAIN AGAIN AGAIN AGGGAAAIIIIN and will be gone until Monday.  Why don't they just board the damn things?  Or just put them down?  (I keed . . . kinda)  anyway, I'm not super stoked as I usually would be to have the house to myself.  It's not like I can have crazy wine nights and I'll miss H babying me with nightly back massages and getting me Andy's if I want it.  Still, not as bad as if he were halfway around the world, so I will shed a tear for you, Sister.

  • what's a shamrock shake? it doesn't have dairy?

    i got the shake becuase of the GD post. Couldn't resist.

    Sorry about your weekend. I hope you enjoy some you time though.

  • I still get a little sad whenever Tony leaves...for like 5 minutes.  Then I put popcorn in the microwave and watch TLC and forget old what'shisface.
    IVF#1 May 2011 15 Eggs Retrieved, 11 Fertilized using ICSI + HPT on 6/9/11 Beta #1 420 Beta #2 2167 US 7/1 TWINS!! Due 2/18/2012 Brooke and Nora born at 35.6 weeks Jan 20th 2012
  • A Shamrock shake is the McDonald's shake they trot out for St. Patrick's Day.  I've been craving a filet o' fish lately, and now I want a Shamrock  shake.
  • I can't think of something I'd do when Mr. Spiderman isn't around.  I pretty much do it all anyway.  We spend a lot of time in separate rooms.  But I would really miss having someone to warm my toes for me.
    "That chick wins at Penises, for sure." -- Fenton
  • We often do seperate activities but in the same room, and since he is anti TV I don't get to just veg in front of the TV watching nothing. I have to really want to watch soemthing and often I have to watch it after I have recorded it. SO that will be nice.


  • You're like a prison in your own home.  Mr. Winged is a big meanieface.
    "That chick wins at Penises, for sure." -- Fenton
  • His TV policies are perplexing. He prefers listening to CDs.
  • well, I mean, the Shamrock (from McD's) might have a smidgen of dairy.  I think it's made with something called "ice milk mix" or something equally vague and full of chemicals.  But I could go to Steak and Shake or Oberweis and get one made with actual milk and ice cream blended and feel a lot better about it.
  • yeah i got one from Jack in the Crack since it is made with real milk.
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