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Foods WITHOUT Calcium or Iron

Unusual question, I know...  I need ideas for foods I can eat for breakfast, only they can't contain iron or calcium, which inhibit the absorption of my thyroid medication. 

Any ideas?

Re: Foods WITHOUT Calcium or Iron

  • I take thyroid medication as well - but I set my alarm 2 hours before I normally wake up so that I can take the medication then go back to sleep. ?That way, I can eat whatever I want for breakfast. ?I know that doesn't answer your original question, but might help.
  • I'd guess fruits and veggies would be low in both.

    You could eat a piece of fruit with your medication, then have real breakfast a couple hours later. 

  • I think I'd do the same.

    Egg whites have very little...I'm not sure there are any real foods with absolutely no calcium or iron in them. As for breakfast foods, most grains are fortified, so that's out. Nuts have iron and some calcium. Dairy is obvious. Most fruits and veggies have some. Even onions have some calcium.

  • Can you get plain oatmeal that isn't fortified and add some cinnamon or something?
  • I'd either set your alarm early like another poster suggested.  Otherwise take it at bedtime, unless you have a late night snack.  It should be at least two hours after foods with calcium/iron. 
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