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Vet Recs

So my vet cannot figure out why LJ still has chronic diarrhea. He's run a bunch of tests and everything looks normal. So he recommended that we try another vet with more resources available to run XRays and stuff. He recommended a vet in Upland, but when I googled him his reviews are pretty mixed, and that makes me a little worried. So I thought I'd ask around for recs. Do you have a vet you can recommend? I don't mind driving a out of my way if it means I don't have to clean up the diarrhea off my carpet again. Thanks!

Re: Vet Recs

  • I don't really have any recs as our cats have not had any issues. We had them get their kitten shots and they never actually saw the vet. I hope you figure out what's wrong though!
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  • You would think they would know of another clinic to refer you to. :/

    I rec. Northside clinic in San Bernardino. GL! I hope you find answers soon.

  • Robyn~ Usually my cats haven't had any issues either, but the last couple of months LJ has just had the diarrhea. Nothing else seems to be wrong, except it just won't go away and she does it all over my house. :/

    Brandy~ They did recommend another clinic, but when i googled him the reviews came back either 5 star or 1 star. It made me a little uncomfortable to have such extreem mixed reviews.

     Thanks for the rec!


  • oh that's right, you did mention the ref. Hmmm, well every vet is hit/miss. 99% complaints come from people who don't want to pay $$ for services.
  • I love love love our vet! His name is Dr. Burnett and he is at the La Verne animal hospital.  It's on Bonita in La Verne...PM me if you want his info.
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