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I normally buy the Staters Brand of instant oatmeal instead of the name brand as it tastes exactly the same. Well when I was at Fresh & Easy last night I figured I would try theirs. Ummm ya... gross!
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Re: Yuck!

  • I hate when that happens. The generic brands can be hit or miss.
  • Yeah, sometimes you the store brands are not good. :/

    To me oatmeal is always yucky! :)

  • Oh really? Bummer bc I like the F&E brand oatmeal Embarrassed
  • I buy generic all the time and have never really run across ones that I have not liked. So far I have found that I don't like the generic version of fruit cups and now F&E's oatmeal.
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  • I bought some soup that was pretty bland. I usually buy veggie broth from the same company so I was pretty dissapointed. Turns out the market would have taken back the empty container! They said if I ever buy anything I'm unsatisfied w/just bring back the remaining portion or container. They would give me cash back w/receipt, store credit w/out. You should check w/F&E.
  • Good idea Brandy! I know TJ's has the same policy!
  • I don't like oatmeal either but I'll eat it if it's the maple and brown sugar kind.

    So far I don't like generic ketchup or cereal. And DH who usually eats anything has said no more generic jelly.

  • I LOVE TJ's frozen oatmeal... just throw the solid brick into a bowl and heat for 2 minutes = yummy goodness!

    and Kat- Generic Jelly = ick... same with generic ketchup- gets all watery!

    Don't worry about tomorrow. After all, today is the tomorrow that you worried about yesterday. Take each day as it at a time. Midnight Baking Adventures Blog
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