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Have you been watching...

Re: Have you been watching...

  • kinda...but not faithfully....we aren't BIG tv watchers in the first place!
  • We recently got rid of cable and of course channel 4 is the one that doesn't come in very well. So we haven't done much watching. Also it starts so late! I start getting ready for bed at around 8:30. The other night I wanted to watch the pairs figure skating and I wasn't about to stay up for it.

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  • We've kinda been watching, more like keeping it on as background noise. I watched some of the figure skating, I had recorded it and just fast forwarded through alot.
  • We've caught bits and pieces but it seems like every time we turn it on there's about 10 seconds of the competition and an hour long commentary! 
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  • I do when I can- but life is bonkers lately- mostly I just work and sleep, lol! I don't have Tivo so no recording for me :(
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  • Obsessivly. The only sports I get into and I can't get enough. I watch as much as I can and my mom and I text comments back and forth all night. My poor husband is about to claw his eyes out I think because of the ice skating. But we still have the women to go so he'll have to suffer. ;)

  • We have watched a teensy tiny bit.

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