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A new Footlocker just opened in my area -- Run by Foot Locker.  I haven't had a chance to go in yet, and can't find anything online about it, but I'm guessing it is their concept of a specialty running store.  It's right down the block from the specialty running store that is closest to me (and that is kind of a ripoff -- all the shoes there are above MSRP -- so I can't say I'm in love with it).  Just wondering -- would you trust a Foot Locker specialty store?

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  • while i'd certainly be skeptical, i would try to not place full judgement until i went in and checked it out for myself.
  • I dunno. If they have one of those video treadmill gait analyzer things and a specialty running store-like return policy, I might. I would def re-buy shoes that I knew I liked from them.

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  • I'd give them a shot, just as I would any purported specialty store.  I have been to some running stores that are great and some that are not-so-great.
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  • I'd check it out but probably not buy right away.  It depends on the staff, for me--if they staff it like any old Foot Locker at the mall, I'd skip it.
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  • I would probably skip it. our locally owned running stores support a lot of races and runners in the community and for that, i am a loyal customer. sure, they may be a little more expensive. but i like taking my business somewhere i can feel good about. if people stop shopping at local running stores because a chain moves in down the street... they go out of business.
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