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Hm. Tattoo locations on men vs women

DH and I have a tattoo picked out that we're both going to get (Hold my hand, walk beside me; it will be fairly small), and we'd originally decided to do it on our inner wrists, but then he decided that may not be the best choice for him because of work.

I'd kinda like them to be in the same place, but I can't think of a location that looks good on both men and women. If we can't agree on one spot for both of us then that's fine and I'll probably still get mine on my wrist (which I think is a perfect location considering the quote).

My mom suggested ankles, but I think that looks lame on dudes (no offense to anybody who's DH has an ankle tat).

So what spots do you think are good for both men and women (oh, and DH already has a tattoo going down his spine between his shoulder blades, which would have been my next pick)?

Re: Hm. Tattoo locations on men vs women

  • Upper arm?  Should be covered up fairly easily by work appropriate clothes for both men and women (unless you wear a lot of sleeveless tops).
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  • If he wears a watch it should cover easily.  Plus I love that if you got them on opposite wrists, they'd touch when you held hands- which I imagine is why you picked wrists. 

    Maybe the back of the neck?  The quote doesn't really seem appropriate there, though.

  • I like it when it's on the ring finger, I don't know what do you have picked out would fit around the finger or not.

  • Maybe on the upper back, above your shoulderblades? If that wouldn't conflict with his other tattoo.
  • Maybe on a hip? Or if you wanted it to be more visible shoulder blades.

    The one I'm getting removed was a his/hers, on the right hip.. visible when wearing bathing suits, but that's about it. 

  • I'm a big fan of tattoos right below the collar bone, a la Rihanna:



    And I think it could work for both sexes. Let us know what you decide, I'm a crazy tattoo junkie who is not in the financial situation to get more right now so I will live vicariously through you.

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