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oxy clean turned whites yello?

Slight newbie here - I think I have posted once before and responded a couple of times. . . need help with oxy clean!

I put oxy clean powder in with my whites since it is supposed to brighten them up - but it left yellow spots in various places all over our whites!?!?! And some of them were DH's brand new t-shirts! I have a top load HE washer  (by fisher & paykel) and on the oxy clean container it says to put the powder in the bottom (half as much for HE), put the clothes on top and put the laundry detergent in the detergent spot (which on mine is inside the agitagtor).  I did this twice - not knowing it was oxy clean that did it for sure, and only realizing later that a common factor was oxy clean in the two loads that I did. There was both new shirts and older shirts in both loads and the yellow spots are on both.

So is it safe to assume that oxy clean is doing this? And WHY? Oxy clean is supposed to BRIGHTEN whites not make them yellow! And how can I get the yellow out??

Maria & Chris ~ Waialae Beach Hawaii ~ 12/8/09

Re: oxy clean turned whites yello?

  • i guess i forgot how to spell yelloW
    Maria & Chris ~ Waialae Beach Hawaii ~ 12/8/09
  • Have you tried adding the oxy clean while the water is filling up, before you put the clothes in?

    It seems to me that it might be some sort of a chemical reaction with something in your water, or the detergent you're using. 

    As far as getting the yellow out I would try soaking the clothes in vingear.  Also try rubbing some baking soda into the vinegar soaked yellow spots. 

  • I haven't had that problem with oxy clean, but I did have a problem with bleach.  I was trying to remove a spot from a white slipcover and bleach made it bright yellow.  I tried oxy clean and that made the stain lighter but didn't remove it.  I bought something called White Brite and that took out the yellowed stain. 
  • It seems to me that it might be some sort of a chemical reaction with something in your water, or the detergent you're using. 

    I had wondered this. Or a reaction to my parfume - but I tested my parfume on a white shirt and washed it w/o oxy clean but the same detergent - and had no yellow spots, and it wouldn't have solved why it was on DH's shirts - unless being new had something to do with it. Regardless, I am thinking our water (private well not city water) is doing something with the oxy clean!

    I will try what you suggested - THANKS!

    Maria & Chris ~ Waialae Beach Hawaii ~ 12/8/09
  • I bought something called White Brite and that took out the yellowed stain.

    I looked for this and was not able to find it which is why I went with the oxy clean. I will keep looking for the White Brite! I also have been told to look for Rust out or Iron out?

    Maria & Chris ~ Waialae Beach Hawaii ~ 12/8/09
  • You probably have iron in your water. Have you tested for it?

    Try Iron out. 

  • I know that my mom used bluing when whites were no longer white.  She said that bleach did not work well.  We do have really hard water so that might be why.  When oxiclean first came out my brother tried it and it caused a lot of problems with his clothing.  After looking at it my mom said something about the bleach being why it happened. 

    I unfortuantely do not know where one would find bluing however.  It really brightens whites in a way that I have never seen bleach work.  I am not even sure what it really is to tell you the truth.  I am lazy with my own laundry and if my clothes start looking nasty I just replace them.  I am also an evil clothes washer that does not use the cold setting on my washing machine unless the material specifically needs it.

  • I wash our bright white towels in oxiclean. I have never had a yellow issue. I did notice that the box of oxi says to mix it with water first when pretreating a stain. I wonder if it just did not mix properly in your washer.

    The original powdered Tide seems to do the best on whites IMO.

    I've never heard of bluing. What is that?

    If you use oxiclean again, could you mix some with warm/hot water in an old water bottle and pour it into the dispenser? Maybe the powder just stuck in spots and turned yellow in the dryer.

    Newlyweds since 2007
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