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Need help from iTunes gurus...

So I'm in the process of switching laptops and I don't want any of my music stored directly on here, I want it all on my external drive.

I currently have everything on my external, but apparently there was some music on my old laptop, aka craptop, because it was backed up with Carbonite and is now being put onto my new laptop in the file transfer. I have not plugged the external into this one yet, although I did just DL iTunes.

So.... How do I delete ALL the music off of here, both from the iTunes library and my hard disk?


I may be making this more confusing to myself than it should be, thanks to random bits of info floating around in my head from when I switched everything to the external. I recall from somewhere that deleting it from iTunes didn't necessarily delete from the hard disk. I know that on my craptop all my songs show up on there even when the external isn't plugged in (although they cannot be played), which is why I am hesitant to plug it in to this one yet.

I basically want to delete all music files from my new laptop. I don't want them in iTunes and I don't want them on my hard disk anywhere so that I can start from scratch when I plug in the external.

Re: Need help from iTunes gurus...

  • If you go into the iTunes folder, there should be a library file of some sort. ?(Not sure what it's called on a PC.) ?You will see a list of plain ol' music files-- mp3's, AIFF, etc. ?Just trash them and that should do it. Don't forget to delete the titles from your playlist. ?
  • Oh, and don't forget to de-authorize that machine when completely finished. ?
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