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Powerless weekend

Our power went out on Friday at 2:30 pm.  I called our power company immediately and was told we would be back online by 6:30 pm.  I called back at 6:40 and was told 7:30.  I was ok with that (but a little upset because I had been making the chicken taco soup in the crock pot and I knew it was ruined). 

I called back at 8 when power wasn't back.  I was told "By 11 pm on Saturday."  I was starting to get nervous.  We went and got dinner at Wendy's (That end of town had power, but our end was completely black).  On our way back, power came on one of the main roads and one of the side roads that leads to our house.  We got a little excited thinking they might get us back.

We spent a cold night sleeping in our bed.  When we woke up our house was around 55 degrees.  I called the power company and they said we would have power by....4 pm on MONDAY.  We spent the morning cleaning the kitchen (as best we could) and trying to stay warm.  We finally gave up around 4 pm and went to my parents house to warm up and shower.  While we were out we ate again and bought a propane heater that hooks onto the propane tank.  It was for outdoor use only but it was the only thing we could find. 

I called the power company again.  Now they are saying we would be restored by Tuesday at 6 pm.

When we got home, we set up the heater in the den and MH set me up on the couch in a military issue sleeping bag and covered in five blankets.  I read with a headlamp on my head for an hour, then went to sleep.  The heater got our house from 48 to 55 degrees.

The cats were curled up together on my feet (which was funny - these cats do NOT like each other but they were friends in the cold).  MH turned off the heater around midnight.  He turned it back on at 2 am when the house had gotten down to 46 degrees. 

Then, at 3:30 am...our power came back!  It's now 5:22 am and I've been awake this entire time.  Our house is now 64 degrees.  When the power came back on it was 49.

Side note: we do have gas logs but we hadn't used them since last March.  When we went to light the pilot light on Friday, it wouldn't light.  We have a ton of gas but apparently the logs have broken.  I called the gas company and they were going to charge me $600 to come and try to fix them.  I decided to call someone local on Monday.

I hope everyone had a better Friday and Saturday than I did!

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Re: Powerless weekend

  • That is freaking cold!  I'm glad it finally came back on.  I am glad your husband had some of that stuff still available.  We would be wrapped up in regular comforters and would freeze.  I'm sure if it got that damn cold, we would be finding somewhere else to stay for David's sake.
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  • image Melanie051907:
      I'm sure if it got that damn cold, we would be finding somewhere else to stay for David's sake.

    Mel: If it hadn't come back on Saturday night I was going to my parents house.  And if we had had a kid, I would have DEFINITELY been elsewhere.  Someone just had to stay because of the dogs and I didn't want MH to have to stay alone until I really couldn't make it any longer.  Electricity is such a great thing.  :)

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  • I had head on the radio Friday that half your county was out and was wondering if you were effected...then I saw all your facebook updates!  That would definitly suck our power went out for about an hour.  I don't know how often your power goes out but you may want to invest in a generator.
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  • Graves: This was the first time ever for our power going out.  Apparently the winds (there were 80 mph wind gusts in our county!) combined with the inch+ of ice we had Thursday night/Friday morning just took out a ton of lines and then they had to reset each connection on each pole in our town.  I don't know about the other ends of the county but we were one of the last neighborhoods to get power back in our town.  One of the valleys didn't get power back until last night around 10 pm.  I felt horrible for them. 

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  • Wow that's awful you were without power and heat for so long! I'm glad it finally came back on and you're nice and warm now!
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