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how long does it usually take to hear back after applying for a job?

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i'm too impatient for this...  ;)  DH keeps laughing at me because it's only been a couple days.
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Re: how long does it usually take to hear back after applying for a job?

  • If you really want to job I'd call and follow up a day or two after submitting an application. I'd suggest calling under the guise of making sure all the info you submitted arrived and they didn't need anything else from you. I had good success with this method when i thought about leaving my current job. I didn't leave, but I did have an offer in hand and it all started with a follow up call.

    Good luck.
  • There is no standard.  Some companies are quick about it, some take longer.  Sure- contact them to make sure they got your resume, etc.  But....  be patient!
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  • For me, it has taken any where between 2 minutes and 2 months!
  • I just scheduled an interview for Friday. I applied for the job June 30.
  •     In my experience, it's been anywhere between a few days to several weeks. It's all dependent on the company and how fast they move through the process. I understand how you are feeling, though. It can be so frustrating when you have to wait to hear back.
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  • Heh, I got some names during my phonecall and it turns out in mid June the head hancho accepted an adjunct associate professor position in the northeast. We're in Texas. In the press release it mentions extensive travel this summer. She's a busy woman. It only took a couple of days for the online application status to indicate I had passed HR's initial screen and that I would be contacted if the hiring manager wished to interview me. A month later I have the interview. :P
  • I recently went through the job application process and was impatient as well.  For the job I was really interested in, I sent a follow-up email directly to the manager to see if the position was still available (this was probably about two weeks after I applied for the job).  It actually got things rolling and I set up an interview for the following week.  GL! 
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