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Clarisonic vs. similar products?

I've been contemplating getting a Clarisonic, but it's hard to justify the price. I found the Pretika on for 41.50, and I'm guessing there are few other lookalikes out there.

Is there a big difference between the Clarisonic and its competition? Does anyone have a cheaper version that they would recommend?

Re: Clarisonic vs. similar products?

  • A lot of people like the Pretika. It also has the "sonic technology" that makes the clarisonic so pricey. I think the only difference may be that Pretika's brusheads are not as soft as clarisonic. Also, I think the number of movements per minute of the brushes are different.

    I own a clarisonic and it was a very good investment for me. HTH! 

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  • I use the Pretika and I really like it. I bought it just to see if I liked using a face brush before committing to the Clarisonic price tag, but I really like the Pretika and have no desire to switch.

    I have never used the Clarisonic to compare, but a few ladies on this board have used both with different opinions- some preferred C, some preferred P. 

  • i just ordered the pretika off, i'm supposed to get it thursday!
  • Clarisonic is on my list. I think I may invest in it sometime soon. I have seen some amazing results.
  • I used a battery operated face brush from BeautiControl and liked that, but then bought the Clarisonic. There is no comparison, Clarisonic is oustanding. I had good skin to begin with so I wasn't expecting too much, but WOW, my skin has gone from good to fabulous!


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