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s/o table foods

i just responded below about how davis will not eat table foods, but today we did have a small breakthrough, he ate a REAL banana!!!  an entire one today, now grant it i smashed it up, but it was chunky still and he actually ate the entire thing, before he'd have cried about it, and i sat on the floor with him and had some cheerios broken up into small pieces and put them in his mouth and he ate those too :o)    finally!!!   small steps
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Re: s/o table foods

  • get ready to buy stock in Chaquita.  I swear we buy so many bananas!

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  • if he doesn't like picking up chunks of banana try coating them in cheerio dust, it makes them less slimy
  • yeah D! 

    The coating of cheerio dust never worked for us.  R didn't like the texture difference in his mouth.  

    It'll come for D one of these days.  Just keep offering different things and eventually he'll start taking them.  They say we need to try something like 10 times before we can fully make the decision on whether or not we like it.  It may just take D a little longer - but look at how advanced he is with the gross motor stuff.  It's one or the other.

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