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Gifts for moms-to-be

Hi all,

I'm about to attend two baby showers for women who are very close to me, and I would like to buy gifts not just for the babies but also for the moms.

However, both women are very close to their due date, so pregnancy pillows and pregnancy books are not good gifts at this point. Do you have any other ideas for gifts that are great for just the moms? Things to relax and entertain them while they're home with their babies the first few months?


Re: Gifts for moms-to-be

  • I'd recommend posting this over on the Cincy Bump board and I bet you'll get lots of replies!

    But IMO, I recommend bringing diapers or Dreft detergent. I know it's not a fun gift, but being a new mom myself, I recieved way too many clothes and "cute" gifts and would have much rather recieved another package of diapers (since newborns go through them like crazy!). I'd get the N size or Size 1 just to be safe...

    Edit- I reread you post and thought of another thing. I'd also maybe get the mom to be a GC to someplace with takeout food (think LaRosas) because those first few weeks home with a new baby are tiring and it was nice when we could order out (or when people brought us dinners).

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  • GC's for take-out or for blockbuster are a good idea. Maybe a massage or pedicure? She's going to be stressed and exhausted, so having a little time for herself might be a nice thing.


  • What about a subscription to parent or another magazine you think she would like. I am currently working on making my sister some frozen casseroles, which you friend might like too. 

    Another idea is really good skin cream for post pregnancy  

  • Since I'll be a new mom soon I really thought about it. I would definitely say some good skin creams or something to pamper herself at home (she won't have time to go out for awhile). Also gift cards to someplace like Larosas is great (because they have more than pizza) or someplace that delivers is awesome.

    Magazine subscription- AWESOME idea!

    She won't have alot of time to watch a movie or anything like that but maybe an eye mask or somethnig to handle her future puffy eyes (from lack of sleep).

    If you know what size she wears- nice loungewear would be nice too.


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