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Fluted drainboard into solid surface countertops

My parents are finalizing their kitchen reno plans, and are stuck on countertops. They like quartz and granite well enough to go whichever way will accomplish a drainboard better.

My mom desperately wants a drainboard cut into the countertop, like this: image

I've seen some that are less sloped and obvious, and more just the fluted lines, too. 

She hates the plastic drainboards, and is trying to streamline and increase the function of the kitchen with the reno.  The incorporated drainboard can be done with granite, but the exposed surface of the fluted lines is pretty porous. That seems like a bad idea.  If it's done on quartz, it's lower maintenance, but the grooves won't be shiny - so it'll stand out.  It could be done with Corian, but that's the one material that she doesn't like for countertops.

Just curious, has anyone done or seen this and loved or hated it?  It's a small detail of the kitchen, but my mom's been wrestling with it for a while.  I'd love to be able to give her a suggestion.

Re: Fluted drainboard into solid surface countertops

  • I don't know if this is an option for her, but I know a couple people who have a drainboard made out of the same material as their countertops, with raised metal "ridges" in it. (Not sure how best to describe this.) So it blends with the countertop, but can also be washed, put away, switched to the other side of the sink, etc.


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  • That seems to be the tough thing... She wants to avoid having a sperate piece to wipe and stand on its side when not in use; she likes the integration into the counter -- but doesn't want the visual look of the counter broken up.  Obviously she needs to compromise somewhere, I'm just trying to figure out if there's a way to minimize the aspects that she doesn't like.  

    Some of them are a little less extreme looking than the one I PIPed above...

    I'm not bothered by the lack of shine evident in the grooves of the bottom two -- but I also haven't spent the money on gorgeous new countertops (yet), only to be disappointed by an aspect of them.  I figured if anyone would have advice it might be D&R.

  • I've seen them done with concrete countertops fairly easily.  Streamlined, even color and shine.  Would she consider concrete as an option? 
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  • image ivystar57:
    I've seen them done with concrete countertops fairly easily.  Streamlined, even color and shine.  Would she consider concrete as an option? 

    I was jsut about to post this!

    I love the way the drainboard in the countertops look!

  • I can make that suggestion.  She has only mentioned granite and quartz, and "no" to Corian, so I'm not sure what her position is on concrete.
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