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Space bag your wedding dress?

I'm trying to find a cheaper alternative to dry cleaning and then preserving my wedding dress.  I know they sell do-it-yourself kits, but the space bag is free since I got it from my mom.  Do you think it will do the job??  I'm really just needing to get it out of my closet, it's taking up way too much room.

Re: Space bag your wedding dress?

  • I think it's not a bad idea.  It may not last as long as preserving, but it would be a good way to store it more compactly and keep the dust off of it. 

    If you do that, I would recommend putting it in a closet where you will see it occasionally.  I have had hit or miss luck with space bags and they will just randomly come open, but at least you will know it opened and be able to re-seal fairly easily.

  • I would definitely have it cleaned before you space bag it. Generally speaking you should never store fabric items in plastic indefinitely. That is why it is usually wrapped in acid free paper and then placed in a breathable cardboard container or the like.
  • Is your dress a synthetic material? My Bridal Bargains book (which I just put in the donate pile yesterday after 4 years of marriage!) said that you can wash it on gentle in the washing machine if it's synthetic. I did not try this, so don't hold me accountable, but it might be something to investigate.
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