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Baby Borrowers (Spoiler)

Basically all the teens made it through the experiment and then went back to their regular lives....well the updates at the end said that every last one of the couples had broken up since the show!!

Re: Baby Borrowers (Spoiler)

  • hmm. well it's good no one got killed in the experiment :) haha.

    but did they just use teens? maybe they should try it next time w/ newlyweds or at least 20 somethings who really want to have a baby. teenage relationships are so fickle --we alllll know that! (even though we all thought they were the one)
  • everyone was between the ages of 18 - 21 i believe.
  • mmmm ok. i was thinking like 16 year olds. hmm. and i'm assuming they took care of people of all ages to see how it works..
  • At the beginning I didn't understand why they needed to take care of elders, but then watching the show I did. It was more to get their wisdom and sort of see what the future would look like, than learning to take care of them.

    There were some couples I knew were not going to make it, but there were others I thought were meant to be and I was sad to see that they broke up.

  • they did babies, toddlers, pre teens, teenagers then elderly.
  • DH and I were watching it together. We both got teary eyesd when they visited the grave site . DH almost cried again when the other elder told his wife " you have to give me 40 more yrs to make it up to you"

    I was surprise to see that Dalton and Morgan had given another try to their relationship. but I also knew it was not going to last.
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