Is Borax Toxic to dogs?

Our groomer told us to use it on our carpet and now our golden is itching like crazy. We found about 4 or so fleas on her that's why we used it on the carpet however she is itching 10x's worse now before her grooming. I did find out that DH used the WHOLE BOX of borax on 3 rooms and I've vaccum several times and I'm still picking it up out of the rug. I put our dog in the bath and just ran water on her incase she had any on her and I've vaccum a few more times. I feel so bad.  Now I'm reading on line that it is and isn't toxic. Who can you believe? My vet isn't open right now and I'm worried.

Re: Is Borax Toxic to dogs?

  • I've heard mixed things on Borax.... I can't tell you one way or the other.

    I use Diatomacious Earth. 

  • YES

    It's toxic to humans as well in that high of a dose.  Keep on vacuuming.

    A big old middle finger to you, stupid Nest.
  • We've used it on carpets without dogs having reactions, but we did vacuum before they were allowed access.

    It is dangerous to breath in the 'dust' from it, and care should be taken when applying it (masks, and removing pets and children from the premises), but other than that it shouldn't be a problem.

    We use diatemacious earth (food grade) on the dogs.  


    Fleas usually jump out of the carpet after the borax is applied, and it can take some time before you stop seeing any.  Is there a chance your dog got more bites?  We have one dog who has allergic reactions to flea bites and always gets much itchier before she gets better.  Maybe some benadryl will help the itching.  I can't remember the dose, but information is available online.

  • I know that it isn't recommended to use it on grass because it kills everything and prevents grass from coming back. I personally wouldn't use it on my carpet.
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