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XP - move to Bentonville area???

Hi ladies - I'm currently in Rochester NY, but my husband is considering applying for a job in Bentonville, and I'd love to hear some input on the area.  We have a 21 month old, and I'm a SAHM.  Thanks!

Re: XP - move to Bentonville area???

  • Sadly, it's probably going to take a long time for someone to respond. Our board is pretty much dead. I found this on google though:

     I live in central AR so I'm not much help but I would prefer to live in North AR. I hear it's beautiful and just an all around nice area to live. I'm also fairly new to the state so I don't know much more.

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  • Hey There!

    Mt fiance and I just moved to NW Arkansas about 3 weeks ago.  We moved here from Iowa because he got a new job here.

    I absolutely love it! Everyone talks about how gorgeous it gets in the Spring and Summer, so I am really looking forward to that.  Bentonville, Lowell, Rogers, Springdale, Fayetteville are all about 30 minutes away from eachother.  Bentonville and Rogers are the farthest north with fayetteville be the most southern of them.  Fayetteville is where University of Arkansas is, so it is more of a college town.  I live in Springdale, which is kind of small. I am not in Bentonville very often, but I believe it is in a dry county.

    Anyways, I would definitely recommend the area! 

  • Hey,

     My husband and I live in Bentonville and I love it...for the most part.

    I've only lived in Bentonville since I got married June 09, but I've lived in Springdale and worked all around northwest arkansas for the past 4 yrs.

     Moving from a bigger city is hard for everybody, specially to NWA because we don't have much to do on our spare time. Everything really depends on what kind of stuff you are into. We have some nightlife in Fayetteville specially which is only 20-30 minutes away. We have large chain restaurants... Applebees, Chillis, Olive Garden, etc. I can tell you I absolutely HATE our weather, it can change from 65 degrees one day to 12 degrees the next, specially during winter. One thing I will warn you about is our tornado season. We always seem to get tornado warnings and what not, and sometimes actually touchdown. I would try to stay away from Centerton which is right next to Bentonville (I live border line of these two) as it sometimes seems to be a tornado's playground.

     Life is very laid back here...for most individuals. Our crime rate is not horrible, I think we can still trust most places, but of course there is always a risk. I can tell you that I would walk around alone at night without being scared and it would be ok, but I would still not recommend it in any city or state. I don't have any children, but I do know we have some great schools and daycares. Very peaceful place and an excellent city for your child. With Walmarts home office being here, we have many job opportunities. Even if its not with Walmart, this city is growing a lot!!!!

     Overall, I think I would recommend you moving here...we really like it, we both grew up around the area and we would love for our children to grow up here as well. I know I mentioned tornados, but the great thing is that we always get warning that give you time to prepare in case. As far as I know, no major tornados have hit for a VERY long tim....but I know it scares me every year!


    I'm sure you would like it!!! I hope this bit of info helps! Let me know if you have any other questions....

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