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Anybody do Bikram Yoga?

I've taken two classes so far- one at BYD Downtown, the other at BYD Davenport. I'm taking another class tonight downtown (DH gets off work at 7, and works in S Austin so he can meet me on his way home to pick up DD).

I'm kinda liking it so far, but it's $$! 

After my introductory $39 month is up I think I'm going to try YogaGroove's $28 intro month.

Just curious if anybody else does it, and if you might want to catch a class or two together. I have to go on weekends and in the evening because of the scheduling thing, but maybe we can work something out. And I know YogaGroove has a referral program so you can get $20 if I buy a membership there. ;)

Re: Anybody do Bikram Yoga?

  • I have a class pass to YogaGroove, but haven't been in a while. I absolutely LOVE it and plan to start going again regularly in the new year. Unfortunately, because I already get home too late in the evenings, I like to do the first class of the day on weekdays. SpanishBeauty and I used to meet up for classes and it's great having somebody to be accountable to, but I'm not sure if she's been going while pregnant.
  • I've been really wanting to try it, I do regular yoga fairly often.  I'm just chicken about the heat :)  in fact I was looking up the website for one studio yesterday.  I think I'm going to try it next week. 
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  • I would so start going again, but I hadn't been in a few months before I even got pregnant.  I don't think it would be wise to start again while pregnant... I don't think I'd make it. HAHA  Plus, it's a 3 hour commitment for me with travel and actual class time put together. Indifferent

    I love(d) Yogagroove, but it's definitely $$.  I dropped my gym membership to start doing Bikram so I could counteract the hefty payments.  If you have the money, and the motivation, I would SO do the year membership.  I just never had that money to spend upfront.

    I agree with TGIA, it's nice when you have someone to go with, it helps keep you accountable.  And it helped to push me a little because I didn't want to be the "weak" one. ;)

    Maybe once I pop this kiddo out I can start going again.  But that won't be for quite a while.  Good luck!  I thought there were a few other nesties who had at least given it a shot.  Maybe they'll come out and start going again if there's someone to go with.

  • Love Bikram - I go to YogaGroove (or 'went' to I should say!) my 2010 plans include at least a month there so let me know when you are going, would love to have a Yoga friend. Also been thinking of trying out SunStone in the Triangle. They have hot yoga, but it's not Bikram. trisha _ sumpter at yahoo dot com
    ~ Trish Finfer

  • I've always wanted to try yoga but never knew where to start.  I did a 6-wk class through work awhile back, but it was essentially nap-time.  She kept having us lay there to relax and I would fall asleep every time. 

    I would prefer to go when DH is at work, so I probably couldn't be regular about it, but I'd still love to go sometime to try it out.

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