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where to get something notarized at night?

DH and I are picking up a form tonight around 6:30pm that we need to get notarized.  It would be great if we could find a place to get it notarized tonight, as the office we're delivering the signed form to, opens at 8am tomorrow.

We are down to 1 car until we buy DH a replacement (car accident, found out yesterday car is a total loss), so I'm driving him to work.  He has to be with me when we bring the signed form in, so I want to avoid dropping him off at work, then picking him up again mid-day to run this errand. 

If I could get the form notarized tonight so both of us can drop it off at 8am tomorrow on his way to work that would be great.  I took the day off and he's out of vacation days.

So, where can I get something notarized at night?  Does Walmart or Target offer a service like this at their customer service counter?  I know they do wire transfers - which is why I ask.  If not, do any other places come to mind?  We likely won't be able to get anywhere until 6:30-7pm.



Re: where to get something notarized at night?

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